Kingsdale Trilogy Pt. III

Power Rating: **
Level of Exp: 1-3
Campaign Members: 2-5
Requirements: The characters must be of good or honorable alignments to really partake in this adventure.
Avg Campaign Length: One or Two 4 hour gaming sessions.

Hook: People are beginning to move out of Dregtown at a phenomenal rate. Fear is etched on the faces of every individual met, and asked about it, yet they refuse to give a reason beyond - looking for a better place to live.
Line: Finally the characters manage to stumble upon a small child, abandoned in Dregtown, who has not been influenced against telling her tale - and a terrifying one it is. A few weeks ago a couple of locals were found killed, more than killed, partially eaten as well. Regular killings like this continued to happen - yet it remained a mystery as to how it happened. Authorities were reluctant to go into Dregtown to investigate, as killings happen there all the time. Then, this little girl, Tabby is her name, saw them and told her parents, that the perpetrators were werewolves. After this, word spread like wildfire, and when the authorities still refused to do anything about it, people began moving out - dropping everything, sometimes even children.
Sinker: If the characters get involved in this, which hopefully they will, they will soon discover that indeed a couple of creatures have set up shop in Dregtown - the only trouble is, they are NOT werewolves. They are actually Dog Boys bred from wolves, sent to live in Dregtown, and to terrorize the locals into abandoning the city. Thus far they have succeeded marvelously - but how will the character group prove to the fleeing people what the real reason for the attacks is actually just a Coalition plot?

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