Kingsdale Trilogy Pt. II

Power Rating: ***
Level of Exp: 4 and up
Campaign Members: 4-10
Requirements: The characters must be looking for money! Mercs, Bounty Hunters, and just plain greedy people would really like to collect this multi national bounty!
Avg Campaign Length: Four to Five 4 hour Gaming Sessions

Hook: After the plot of the cyborg terrorist Joahna was thwarted, Kingdsale authorities have learned that this maniacle cyborg has done such heinous acts before. Thus, as a criminal of war, Kingsdale places a bounty of 275,000 credits on her head - dead or alive.
Line: Joahna's past leads back to her service in the Coalition States, as a Special Forces Operative. She was good - real good - but then suddenly she was caught in an explosion and her body was destroyed. After that - Joahna left the military, and started doing freelance work. Her work all appeared to be above the boards - then suddenly she started using biological agents, assassinating families, and torturing captured individuals.
Sinker: Joahna is as much a victim as she is an adversary. Joahna is not a cold blooded killer, but rather she is a victim of the tyranny of the Coalition States. She grew less and less passionate about the slaying of D-Bees and magic users as time wore on, becoming more outspoken about that fact as she did - then suddenly her body was destroyed in an unexplained training explosion. Afterwards, when she awoke to a cyborg body, she was informed that her family had been taken by I.S.S. authorities, to a safe place. It would remain a safe place as long as she carried out whatever tasks were asked of her. That began Joanha's reign of terror. If the characters take the time to learn the truth about Joanha they may be able to help her free her family, and free her name, earning them a special ally in their adventures in the future. If not, they will be responsible for killing a noble individual who does only what is necessary to save her family from destruction.

Joahna's Stats
Alignment: Unprincipled.
Attributes: IQ: 15, ME: 20, MA: 9, PS: 30, PP: 19,PE: N/A, PB: 5, Spd: 160.
M.D.C.: 250 + 300 M.D.C. Body Armor.
Level: 10.
O.C.C.: CS Special Forces.
Joahna's Equipment: Joahna carries a handful of CS issue weapons, weapons she was allowed to leave official service with; C-29 Dragonfire Plasma Cannon, CP-30 Pulse Laser Pistol, two CS issue vibro-knives, a C-10 Laser Rifle modified for extended range (3,000'.), and an assortment of CS Grenades. For transportation she uses a slightly souped up Windjammer Sky Cycle, designed to carry her great weight.

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