Kingsdale Trilogy Pt. I

Power Rating: ***
Level of Exp: 4 and up
Campaign Members: 4-10
Requirements: The characters must have found their way to the ill fated town of Kingsdale. With a blockade outside, their only choice is to partake in the adventure!
Avg Campaign Length: One 4 hour gaming session.

Hook: The characters wake one morning to a loud explosion in the city. The characters spring into action to discover a Wind Jammer Racing away from a burning residential section of town, persued by several aircraft. Very soon they will discover via news broadcast, newspaper, or through conversation that the strike was a CS terror raid on Kingsdale. That blast killed over a hundred civilians including two council members! This raid was conducted by a CS employed cyborg code named Joahna. It is rumored that she is planning to strike again.
Line: A city official enters a gathering place for mercenaries (or other adventurers) looking for help. He is looking for anyone willing to search for information among the CS ranks. The Kingsdale authorities are too pressed to relieve any men to this operation. They are willing to pay 50,000 credits for any successful information gathered about this Joahna's plots. Naturally all the NPCs around the bar will scoff at this offer, but only our players could be crazy enough to accept this job!
Sinker: After making a difficult infiltration of a CS encampment 20 miles from Kingsdales walls. The characters in some way or another are to learn of a plot to use a biological agent inside the city to kill the inhabitants!! This learned the characters are to race back to Kingsdale to find the offending device!! Do not set the place it is to be, but play with the characters, and make them think! If you feel that they have struggled hard enough and played their characters to the tee allow them to find it. I put it on top of the highest building in town disguised as a air conditioning unit!

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