Kyatashiro Samurai Body Armor

      The standard armor of the Kyatashiran Samurai. This armor is generally similar in appearance to Wa-Daisho's standard body armor. It's design however, is more close to true Samurai Armor. The torso is composed of thin strips of steel plate, laminated in a lacquer material, with strips of colored hemp rope, holding the plates together. The arms, hands, armpits, legs, feet, and flexible portions of the waist are made of extremely fine links of steel chain mail. The forearms, shins, and thighs also have laminated armor plates as well for added protection. The shoulders are composed of interlocking metal plates, with traditional laminated sode shoulder guards placed over top of those.

      The most unique aspect of this armor however is not it's appearance, it's the method in which it is produced. Fewer than a thousand men and only a handful of women in Kyatashiro have the knowledge of how to produce armor of this type. It's methods are similar to that used in the production of a Samurai's Daisho. That is, that they are created normally using basic materials such as steel, lacquer, and such forged as they were in the in the feudal era. However, unlike then - the method has become much more mystically oriented, with a routine of dousing the armor in waters blessed by Hachiman, and dedication ceremony that results in blood being drawn from the recipient of the armor, and spread across the brow of the inside of the armor in a gruesome ritual symbolizing the armor as being part of the wearer. The real disadvantage to this armor, is the fact that it CANNOT be repaired using typical means, used in the repair of either medieval armor or in modern armor - but must be done by one of these Armorsmith Masters in Kyatashiro. Fortunately several Armorsmith Masters have immigrated to Desert Star, Wa-Daisho, and one has immigrated to Tolkeen as well which helps to maintain armor in foreign lands.

      Underneath this armor then, Kyatashiro Samurai wear an imported suit similar to a flight suit, that circulates air, and prevents the wearer from suffering burns from lasers or other energy weapon strikes on the armor. It similarly helps to protect from impact weapons, and explosives. Bare in mind that this suit does NOT make the armor environmental, just makes it an effective suit in this time.

      The Kyatashiro Samurai Armor is typically colored brightly. Family owned armor suits may be any number of different colors, from bright greens, to blues, oranges, and so on. The armor of Nara province's military units is Black over all with gold highlights. The armor of Ueno province is a bright, almost teal, green with black highlights. The armor of Otsu province is sky blue with royal blue highlights. The armor of the capital province of Kyoto, and of the units involved in the Allied Naval Fleet are Royal Blue with gold highlights.

Armor Type: Mystical; Constructed of steel, lacquer, and hemp. Circulatory suit, is insulated and prevents the steel from burning skin after energy weapon strikes.
Mega-Damage Protection:
    Arms(2)-45 each.
    Legs(2)-55 each.
    Main Body-90.
Restriction Modifications: -20% prowl penalty, -10% to Acrobatics & Gymnastics.
Mobility: Fair.
Weight: 28 Lbs.
Environmental Capabilities: None! Only the circulatory system to keep the wearer from suffering from immense amounts of fatigue because of the heat and weight of the armor, and the protection from energy weapons this system provides.
Cost of Creation: Only a Master Armor Smith of Kyatashiro can produce this armor. As they are forging it, they channel their own energies into the armor they forge, and assemble. Each suit takes approximately 100 hours to build, and requires 2 P.P.E. for every M.D.C. the armor has - taking a total of 710 P.P.E. just to create ONE suit of body armor. The last 50 P.P.E. of which is put into the suit, when the blood of the recipient of the armor, is spread on the inside of the helmet by the Master Armor Smith.
Cost of Repair: The armor is repaired much in the same way as it is created, but again, the Master Armor Smith, as the armor is being repaired, for every M.D.C. worth of repairs conducted, 2 P.P.E. must be channeled into the armor. (As the dents and dings are pounded out, the chain mail is being repaired, lacquer being replaced, etc.) Repairs require the energies to be channeled as the Master Armor Smith works, and no final large amount must be placed upon the armor at the end of this repair. The occasional non affiliated Master Armor Smith may offer to repair such suits of armor, but will only do so for right around 5,000 credits per 10 M.D.C. repaired.
Market Availability: Black Market Only! Kyatashiro's armor is built by hand, making it too valuable to the military to sell. Even with this in mind, the Black market very rarely even attempts to get suits of this armor for sale, due to it's mystical nature. When it is sold, it's either for it's artistic, hand crafted appearance and then sells for right around 80,000 credits. If sold for it's armor protection, and practicality however it only goes for right around 12,000 credits, simply because it's next to impossible to get repairs without the assistance of a master armor smith.

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