September 1999 to December 1999 Updates

9:12PM 1/25/00 - Wow! Time just flies doesn't it?! Over a month since the page has been edited. Anywho, it's been a long while since I've worked directly on the RIFTS page, since I've been working mostly on an aircraft index, for aircraft from world war II. This will however, have a section devoted to RIFTS fans, for aircraft related to RIFTS. I have even contemplated writing up a directory of aircraft in addition to this that would include much more than WW2 aircraft, but that's all up in the air - pardon the pun. In any case, the only true update of Sir Tenzan†'s RIFTS Gallery has been the removal of the old style chat room, and the replacement of it, with a "BeSeen" layout chat room. It is again a private room, with a similar layout to the Palladium Chat Room, but it is not a Javascript room - sorry. In this room, there is logins, but it's VERY easy to get a username and password. Anyway, I hope it turns out to be an improvement over the touch and go chat room from Volano that used to be on here.

9:10PM 1/27/00 - I ran across an old character that I had made up back in '95 or '96 some time, that had kind of a unique history and background to him, so I figured instead of just throwing him away, along with the history and background I slaved over to make it an interesting play, I'd post his race's history and background, as well as his unique O.C.C. on my page. I figured some REAL role players out there might appreciate it! Check it out, his race is the Akonian R.C.C., and his O.C.C. is the Peacebringer O.C.C. - really nice stuff, check it out!

12:31PM 1/27/00 - Kind of a lot has happened to Nyan Tamya since I entered his character background and such on his page, so I've updated it a bit.

8:10PM 1/28/00 - In the same stack of stuff that I found the Akonian R.C.C. & Peacebringer O.C.C. in, I also ran across a folder with tons of stuff in it. The stuff in it contained my father's take on RIFTS Singapore! Now, we've only used some of the stuff in our campaign a couple of times, and even then usually it's just in passing - but so much of it was just so cool, that I couldn't just let it go to waste! So, without further adieu, take a look see at Tony May's version of RIFTS Singapore.

10:16PM 4/10/00 - I have added maps of Wa-Daisho & Desert Star, as well as pictures of the Harvey, Maxwell, Atlas, Zipper, Stonewall, Dustfish, & Banshee - as well as added a bit of edited text.

8:18AM 6/8/00 - Been a while since I've added any kind of updated material. In our game we needed the S-Mart SMF-4 "Stiletto" converted from it's original Shadowrun "Rigger Black Book" text, so after doing so I figured that this morning I'd HTMLize it as well as add the photo right away. Check it out - it's SWEET!

10:26PM 8/24/00 - A long sabbatical from web design has finally been ended today. I have now to present to my fellow gamers the S-Mart A-1 "Assassin" converted from it's original Cyberpunk 2020 "Maximum Metals" text. It took a great deal of effort to convert this aircraft, and work it to fit into our campaign, exactly as it has been used since my initial conversion of this aircraft. Eventually, from one aircraft, it has grown into four distinctly different versions of the Assassin, not even to begin on the vast variety of underwing stores capable of being carried by this aircraft. Check it out, you will not be disappointed in "The Most Complete, RIFTS Based, Ground Attack Aircraft on the Net". Additionally, I have worked a little bit in cleaning up a few older files. The SMaircraft.html page was patched up, by changing the old COCOCO gray to a nice clean looking white, and the text to a smaller size. The Power Armor Design Sequence's Rockets & Missiles page also received a much needed face lift as well. I still have to add a new section to this page for wings, as suggested to me ages and ages ago by a fellow gamer, and a page for CS designed experimental power armor units. For now this is all though. I do hope to, in the near future, update Wa-Daisho as well, with a clickable time line that will show what was going on in the Republic during different periods, for various peoples games. I realize not everyone has advanced in years clear up to 119PA!! I want to do this so very badly, because the Republic of Wa-Daisho has just grown so much from a place to semi-retire my main character, to a real player in world politics. It's military has received a new face lift in our campaign, because of all the North American strife as well - which I do want to fully explain, but all I need is time .... precious, precious time...:o)

12:44AM 9/14/00 - Well, as of a few days ago SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery turned 4 years old! Woo hoo! Well, the projects lately has been composed of some VERY in depth work on Wa-Daisho, concerning the economy, prices of general things, and so on and so forth. I'm trying to draw as vivid of a picture of it, as can possibly be made of a fictional community. :o) Nothing is complete, however if you'd like to take a look at it go to Economics and take a look at what I've got so far. More recently, tonight to be a bit more specific, I've been adding directories to my Tripod site. Having over 300 pages and pictures in total gets to be a Loooooong load even for a 44K connection. Anyway, I didn't realize it at the time but a LOT of links and pictures would have to be switched around for them to function normally now that they're on this new sub directory. Some pages because of this, are currently down - most notably everything from Monsters all the way down on the side bar list is likely to have problems, plus perhaps a few side links on some of the earlier listings. I am positive however that all of the Power Armor Creation tables function normally, as I went all the way through them. I'll try to get back to it to finish editing as soon as possible. Thanks for your' patience.

12:24AM 9/15/00 - Egad... after close to ten hours of tracking down all those little gremlins in my page, I think I finally got everything working up to the fashion that it was before the directory alterations. Going through all of my masses of information, I realized that I REALLY need to update some of these pages. Some of these pages have been the same since I first started this page four years ago!! Egad! Hopefully now that I'm back into the habit of editing this site, I'll come back and do it more easily. I've got a ton more info to add, and a ton more info to alter around. Wish me luck!!

2:14AM 9/27/00 - A steady round of alterations have been made to my web site for the past two weeks, off and on. Most of the updates have been in Wa-Daisho as mentioned previously, mostly in the areas of the military. I've updated the Wa-Daisho Navy, Army, Air Force, and Armored Units - and have a GREAT deal of information to add on the Tenzan Elite, including their roots under King Tal Kilenian back in 103PA! I also plan on adding data on uniforms, unit markings, and perhaps even insignia data. I also want to add additional, more specific data on vehicles used by Wa-Daisho, and some pictures as well. All in due time, I know... It's a weakness and a virtue to never know quite where to draw the line as far as detail is concerned. I have also added one vehicle to the site, a new hover tank used by Wa-Daisho's Armored Units as of 117PA, called the Masakari. A new RIFTS page has made it's debut on the net, and has requested that I add a link to my page leading to this page called the RIFTS Highway. It looks like it's got the beginnings of a very good looking site - so give them a look see, and drop the owners a line of encouragement! While adding this new site, I also checked over my old links as well, and found, much to my dismay that both the Knightline and @mbience's all original page, are both gone now. I really liked both of those pages - so if any of you happen to see them elsewhere on the net, let me know!! More updates are bound to occur to my page in the following weeks. If there is any specific data you or your' campaign group are looking for concerning this source material, PLEASE let me know. I would be happy to help.

7:36PM 9/27/00 - I added the new and improved Tenzan Elite page under Wa-Daisho - an extremely lengthy history, of the Mercenary Company that is older than the city it is based in. Cool stuff! Now onto the Allied Naval Fleet....

12:11AM 9/28/00 - I added the updated information on the Allied Naval Fleet - those of you drawing up the history of a complicated kingdom/nation, do yourselves a favor before you start making up vehicle types and such - draw up a time line!! :oD My next step is rewriting the information on the vehicles and ship types used by Wa-Daisho. I still have a long where to go before everything is finished...

11:14PM 9/28/00 - Yet another Wa-Daisho update today. I added the first picture online of a suit of Red Devil/Tenzan Elite body armor. I also added pictures of the rank badges on the military structure page. Lots of reforms being put together...

6:23AM 9/29/00 - I finished up editing the WD-BGL20, and added a picture of it as well. Just working down the line...slowly but surely!

11:10PM 9/29/00 - I edited the WD-LP1 section, AND added a picture to boot, today!! No clue when this streak of ambition will end, but I hope it is LONG after Wa-Daisho is finished!

6:26AM 10/4/00 - You know what is more difficult than writing up a vehicle's stats from scratch? Trying to figure out just what the |-|#!! you were thinking when you wrote something up four years ago, and then rewrite it! I got the first of the actual vehicles rewritten for Wa-Daisho, the S-Mart Katana Gun Boat is now on the net, and ready to skim onto the scene of your' role play to act as an awesome party driven vehicle. I added tons of new data, revamped the weapon systems listed, and generally gave it a much better look. It is now finally appreciatively displayed via a picture aptly given credit for at the base of the page. I really like the way it turned out. If you happen upon this page in the future, and would like to see just how BAD that page looked before, just let me know and I'll send you the old draft of it, and you can laugh with me! Check it out, you'll like! Furthermore, with the rewrite of this page, sees the Katana finally making it's debut as the FIRST of the S-Mart watercraft line! :o) I'm not really sure if and when I'll ever get around to that part of the page, but I'll try! :oD I'd be happy if I could just get through the rewrite of Wa-Daisho without running out of ambition! Additionally, I also rewrote the RFFC-17 section, and revamped it, and the other pages that mention it accordingly with new data, while I also added a brand new picture of the RFFC-17. Admittedly this is a modified picture of the RFFC-19, but what I tried to do by modifying the picture was to make it VERY similar looking, since it is the 19's predecessor, but heavier, and much more bulky.

1:34AM 10/7/00 - I finished editing the Blackshark Class Patrol boat today, and even drew up a nice little picture to go with it as well! :o) The vessel pictured, is largely based on the modern 190' German Assault Boat, of the Albatross Class. I found a few pictures on the net, and it looked so much like what I had in mind - that I had to use it as a basis. There are several obvious additions, and some things that had to be removed as well - but over all I think it looks really good. A lot better than just staring at a page full of statistics! I can hardly wait to do the rewrite on the Javelin Class Battleship! THAT is based on the Yamamoto!

5:35AM 10/9/00 - The cheesiest name on my database, ContraCat is no more - the Wa-Daisho Navy Torpedo Boat known as the ContraCat, has now been renamed as it was in our campaign a LONG time ago, and has been rewritten. It doesn't look that bad now - but still doesn't have a picture. I E-mailed Maryann to find out if she'd let me scan the Iron Heart Armaments Black Eel picture to use, since it is in fact a modified version of the Black Eel - but until I hear back from her I won't know whether I can or not. IF the answer is no, I'll draw up another picture on Paint Shop Pro - hey, it's not Breaux but beggars can't exactly be choosers! :oD

12:57AM 10/12/00 - Over the last couple of days I've done quite a lot of work on the pages. I added two pictures the day before yesterday to the NOMAD Body Armor Page. Tonight, I rewrote the material around it, then rewrote the information for the LPL-7A and the HPL-7B, plus altered around the wording on the images themselves. I think it looks a lot more presentable now. Now, you're probably wondering - "Why is he working on Desert Star Stuff?? I thought he was rewriting Wa-Daisho?!" Simple really - can't have an Allied Naval Fleet that involves forces from Kyatashiro, Wa-Daisho, AND Desert Star, without rewriting everything related to it! :o) Eventually, everything that branches from Wa-Daisho will be rewritten, given a bit of luck! :o)

12:18AM 10/16/00 - LOTS of work having been done today! I was kind of distraught that I hadn't worked on anything for a few days, so I got cooking today. I changed ALL of the pictures of the S-Mart weapons used by the N.O.M.A.D. Military forces in the Allied Naval Fleet. They look a lot better, and perhaps even a bit more realistic now that I've reworked them. I also finished the rewrites on the RFFC-19, HC-2, Kyatashiro Samurai Armor, and the Copperhead power armor. I even started in on the Dalmir Class Submersible Carrier but it'll be a while before that is completed. I DO have a picture ready for display for the Dalmir Class Carrier which will really bring things into view in that part of the game - but I'll wait to put it up until after the rewrite of that page is done. One further note, that the S-Mart HC-2 is no longer classified as a Hand Cannon, as I thought that just sounded corny, so I renamed them ISC-2, for Infantry Support Cannon. I believe I did catch all of the links to the HC-2, and change them to ISC-2, but if I missed any, please let me know!! You will also note, that the Copperhead now has a picture as well - but is obviously hand drawn, and only a few steps over being a stick figure! :oD It was drawn by your's truly, and is just meant to give you kind of an idea of what the Copperhead might look like. I also added a picture of the Kyatashiro Samurai Armor, which I think came out pretty nicely. It is shown in the colors of the forces Kyatashiro has dedicated towards the Allied Naval Fleet. Enjoy!

9:06PM 10/18/00 - I finished up the Dalmir Class Submersible Carrier today, complete with operational history, and all that fun jazz. I also updated it a tad bit, changed around some of the weapon systems a bit, and refigured the troop compliment. I figured on there being a lot more people before, but when I really started figuring out all of the specifics, if you have that many people on board of a vessel, it's not going to be much more efficient as if you just had a standard crew on board. Anyway, so that's refigured. I got rid of that cheesy anti-grav thing I was going to write up eventually, because frankly it bored me - and if it bored me, IF any of you are actually reading all of this stuff, it probably bored you to gnawing on the third knuckle of your' fingers... Anyway, next on the list is the Kyoto class carrier, but before I do that I need to go back and do some editing on the Blackshark page, ANF page, and the Wa-Daisho Navy page. I actually figured up the dates of when every ship in the Allied Naval Fleet was commissioned, and so figured out the fleet number they would have been issued as they were commissioned, thus, now I need to change the bogus data to stuff that's backed up via dates. *groan* Why am I such a number cruncher??

11:05PM 10/27/00 - Well, I seem to be slowing down a bit. Perhaps because of all the extra work I'm putting into the Javelin class battleship. From one page it's grown to a whopping three so far! It is no longer going to be based on the Yamamoto, but instead it is based on another japanese battleship design that fit better what I was picturing in my mind. One of these three pages, is a story based on the Imperial Kyatashiro Navy IKN 13 Shogun's exploits as a Privateer vessel! The battle describes the events of a battle in the English channel against a pair of Triax XS-400 Escort Battleships, which were escorting a half dozen freighters. It is pretty vivid, and even a bit morbidly fun! :oD Click here to read that story! I'm still steadily working on the text of the Javelin class Battleship and am putting a LOT of detail into it's background. As I'm sure you've gathered I prefer to have mounds and mounds of history surrounding what would otherwise just be a whole mess of technical stats. I hope you enjoy the work I've been doing! Drop me a line sometime to let me know what you think of my recent works - namely most of Wa-Daisho, and the Allied Naval Fleet.

6:33AM 11/2/00 - Yaaay! The Javelin Class Battleship is now complete, and has to be the best design work I've done to date. Operational histories, two drawings of the vessel, and even a short story about one of the vessels has now joined the ranks of my page to come to be the Javelin Class Battleship! :o) I apologize for the Javelin being broken down to two different pages, but it all wouldn't fit onto a single text file, which is what I do all of my HTML writing on... Anyway, I hope you enjoy it all in any case, because it's been a real pleasure to do this kind of a write up - with that kind of complete data. Almost without a doubt the next on the list will then be the Battlemaster Class Cruiser, then the Whiteshark Class Patrol Boat... then I get back into Wa-Daisho, to do the Air Force and Army revamping. Fun, fun! It's hard to believe that what got me into doing all of this work was realizing that adding all of that economic detail to Wa-Daisho would be a wasted effort IF the other, older material was not of similar quality. Sooooo I finish up the older stuff first, then finish drawing up the details to Wa-Daisho's economy. :o) As if that isn't enough work, in recent weeks it's come up in discussion, of there being other, smaller towns on Vancouver island now more or less known as Wa-Daisho, with the city itself being called Wa-Daisho as well... (Sort of like New York, New York.) I've got six names, populations, and a few notes on elaborations to what is located at each - but I get to flesh it out right here, for all of you to see.

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