General Warrior O.C.C.

by Jan Knoell

      The men and women known as General Warriors are those who have been trained in exclusive camps dedicated to creating no artworks, or things of beauty, but to create the perfect warrior. Started by mercenaries around the year 80 PA, as a business endeavor, it serves a valuable service of providing non-politically affiliated mercenaries to various kingdoms throughout North America, as well as teaching would-be nobodies a valuable trade. Candidates are selected from only the finest stock of men and women, at a 85%-15% ratio, for intelligence, stamina, strength and disposition. Even with such exclusive enrollment proceedures however, only about one in twenty graduate. One in four will not even survive the training program. There are training camps established in the Wasatch Mountains west of the City of Desert Star and in the mountains overlooking Cherry Creek, a town in the Hope Barony.

      Those that survive and graduate, however, have only just begun their service to their masters. Upon graduation the new General Warrior is expected to pay back his training fees by providing service in the fields of mercenary work, bounty hunting, or even as gladiatorial fighters. Some of the most well known gladiators throughout North America began their career as General Warriors.

Alignment Restrictions: Technically General Warriors can be of any alignment, but their training sometimes involves some pretty horrific things - including contests of martial prowess with their fellow students. Some of which become quite lethal - even between friends. Thus practically speaking a typical General Warrior is selfish or evil, with the vast majority being Aberrant.
Attribute Requirements: An IQ and ME of at least 12 and a PS, PP, and PE of 14 or higher is required.
Special Attribute Bonuses: The riggorous training provides the graduating General Warriors with +1D4 to PS, PP, and PE.
Combat Bonuses: One additional attack per melee and a bonus of +1 to initiative.

O.C.C. Skills:
    Language: American (+20%)
    Language: Select One (+10%)
    Cook (+20%)
    Fishing (+20%)
    Paramedic (+10%)
    Land Navigation (+12%)
    Select 1 Pilot skill of choice (+15%)
    Climbing (+10%)
    Body Building
    Gymnastics (+5%)
    Swimming (+10%)
    Select 3 Ancient W.P.s of choice
    Select 3 Modern W.P.s of choice
    Hand to Hand Assassin (This is the hand to hand trained to these warriors. They are taught to fight with deadly force at all times.)

O.C.C. Related Skills: The character may then select 10 other skills of choice at level one, but two must be from the physical category and two must be weapon proficiencies. Two additional skills are learned by the General Warrior at levels 4, 7, 10, and 13.

    Communications: Any.
    Domestic: Any.
    Espionage: Any.
    Electrical: Basic Only.
    Mechanical: Basic and Automotive only.
    Military: Any. (+5%)
    Medical: None.
    Physical: Any. (+10% where applicable.)
    Pilot: Any.
    Rogue: Any. (+5%)
    Science: Math only.
    Technical: Any.
    WP: Any.
    Wilderness: Any. (+5%)

Secondary Skills: The player may then select six other skills to represent the characters hobbies or past times, from the list above plus an additional skill at levels 4, 8, and 12.

Standard Equipment: Suit of Light M.D.C. body armor, suit of heavy body armor with a multi-optics helmet built into it, 1D4 knives, 1D6 grenades, hatchet, 2D4 wooden stakes, 2D4 weeks of rations, a bedroll, backpack, satchel pack, air filter, gas mask, 1D4 flares or smoke grenades, and personal effects. The first level General Warrior may select six weapons to start off with. These (as well as their armor, for that matter) tend to be produced by neutral parties such as Northern Gun, the New German Republic, Wilks, and Wellington Industries. They prefer it this way so as to keep their options open as far as what clients they are capable of serving without conflict of interest. (As such magic weapons and items are typically looked at as saleable loot.) In addition to these weapons, they will have 1D6+1 Energy Clips/Loads for each weapon. Vehicles tend to be small, maneuverable, and expendable types. Thus hover cycles, motorcycles, and horses are the preferred methods of transportation for solitary General Warriors. Groups may choose to have one large combat vehicle between them.
Credits: 2D6x100 in credit, in addition to 1D6x1000 credits in black market saleable items.
Cybernetics: None to start and general warriors tend to avoid heavy augmentation, in preference to their own skills.

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