Flamberge Tavern

Owner: The owner of this high-class establishment is a native of Dweomer, a Lord Magus, named Damion Knight. Damion was never particularly happy in Dweomer, preferring to get out into the world to study it rather than learn of it from countless tomes. After traveling over much of North America he first came to Wa-Daisho in 109PA. This small, budding community sparked an interest in Damion, largely because he had never personally encountered a community growing in such power by following the ideals of one individual. He compared it largely to the rise of communism and socialism in the 20th centuries, only this time it appeared to be of benevolent origins rather than corruption! This development was so intriguing that Damion decided to stick around a while. At the time the Blue Water Mages Guild was only just appearing as the magic authority in Wa-Daisho, and having been a lifetime member of a the Starstreak Guild of Magic in Dweomer he felt that converting would be in his best interest. The Blue Water Mages Guild was very impressed with the training and abilities he had attained through the teachings of the Lords of Magic, and so they brought him into the fold quickly despite his modest level of experience. (Damion is only a 5th Level High Magus.) Damion had to find a way to pay his annual dues reliably, and as such he decided to open the Flamberge Tavern. Damion is not a "people person" and chooses to distance himself from non-magic users. Oftentimes when in his restaurant he will walk among the people invisible, observing quietly from the shadows. Not for malicious intent, simply because he does not wish to interact with non-magic users. Fortunately for the gifted clientele who can see the invisible, Damion is only there about once a week, and seldom for more than a few hours at a time. If a powerful spell caster were to visit and he happens to encounter them, he will be very likely to introduce himself and attempt to strike up conversation. Damion is NOT above sharing sensitive information for spell knowledge or magical artifacts - provided they were worth his time and would not undermine either the Starstreak or Blue Water Mages Guild.
Reputation: The Flamberge Tavern is a very ritzy sort of place, very high class, with real crystal glasses, true silverware, silver or gold lined plates, immaculate service, exquisite cuisine and excellent antique décor. As a result prices are very steep. As a result this establishment is usually frequented by the high society of Wa-Daisho including members of the Republican Council, high ranking military officers, influential business owners, significant seat holders of the Blue Water Mages Guild, and visiting dignitaries from all over the Alliance and beyond.
Description of Establishment: A 120'x120' 2 story section of Level 4. The exterior's décor appears to be white brick with burnt umber trim at the base and top of the face of the restaurant. The sign at the front of the shop is the old fashioned hanging sort that hangs on a bar over top of the door. It is plain stained oak, with the name of the establishment burned into it in a filigree pattern. The windows are spaced along both the bottom and top floor of the establishment, and are designed with antique style bars dividing the windows with arched tops. The glass in the segmented arched tops of the windows is stained glass creating a riot of color to contrast the otherwise drab antique appearance of the exterior. The interior of the establishment displays a great variety of elegantly carved woodwork. Nearly everything is designed with an eye for natural shapes. Plants, flowers, insects, animals, monsters, and even such things as clouds, volcanoes, lightning, and similar may all be found among the tables, chairs, dividers between booths, in picture frames, etc. Ornate paintings dot the wall in a fashion so as to not overwhelm the excellent woodwork but compliment it elegantly. Lighting is provided by a handful of beautiful crystal chandeliers. The second floor is composed entirely of private dining rooms for more exclusive dining.
Description of Services: Easily one of the highest class dining establishments in Wa-Daisho, it provides exquisite cuisine with the absolute best service in Wa-Daisho. Prices are very high as mentioned before starting at right around 50 credits a meal and 5-10 credits a drink.

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