Laws & Regulations

      The laws of Desert Star are considered by many to be a bit brutal in their tactics, but unlike more lenient Kingdoms, not surprisingly their crime rates are much lower than 'free' nations because of these very strict penalties. In Desert Star, there is no such thing as a career criminal.


Drugs are completely legal in Desert Star. The only pre requisit is that they are 16 years of age first.

Speed Limit:

Desert Star police usually are not too concerned with speed limits but generally like to see it below 35 mph in the city. In the air however as long as it is kept under mach speeds and under the advisements of the airport, all is well.


  • Auto-1yr-25
  • Hovercraft-1yr-25
  • Energy Pistols--1yr-----20-------75
  • Energy Rifle----1yr-----45------160
  • Armor Suit------1yr-----25-------25
  • Magic Weapon----1yr-----50-------75

    Typical Living Costs:

    Living Quarters Rental
    Apartment (1 or 2 bedroom)-150 credits a month.
    House (1 or 2 bedroom)-200 credits a month.
    House (3 or 4 bedroom)-450 credits a month.
    Storage Facilities Rental
    Bank Strongbox (1'x2')-20 credits indefinitely.
    Bank Strongbox (3'x3')-50 credits indefinitely.
    Bank Strongbox (5'x3'x5')-100 credits indefinitely.
    Storage Shed (10'x7'x7')-35 credits a month.
    Storage Shed (20'x15'x12')-75 credits a month.
    Utilities Costs
    Combined Utilities Cost (Electric, water, phone, ect.)-125 credits per month.

    Pay Rates:

    Minimum Wages- 6 credits an hour.
    Typical Non Combat Military Wage- Same as Minimum Wages.

    Desert Star's Trade:

    Desert Star does trade with a handful of nations. It trades with Lazlo, which provides textbooks, training programs, and some medical equipment. Free Quebec is another trading partner, sharing with them military supplies, and some raw ores, in exchange for military information, and a friendly sea port. Wa-Daisho, is a key trading partner, trading military supplies for seafood, refined salt, and some crops such as rice, apples, cherries, grapes, pears, and peaches. And there is some limited trade that takes place between Desert Star and Kyatashiro, which mainly composes of military supplies in exchange for other food crops like grains and cattle. Asside from this there is some trade that takes place between dimentions. Desert Star's ruler has traveled to Phase World, where he has established a great deal of trade with some key individules in Center. This is how Desert Star has aquired a large portion of their high technology, including the much needed design specs to the ANF Dalmir! This united with the underground bunker discovered, has brought Desert Star both survivability and prosperity.

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