December 2000 to September 2001 Updates

3:08PM 12/6/00 - Over the course of the last month, I've done more in person gaming than I've done in perhaps the entire last year. I haven't had a LOT of time to work on this information, but I have been working off and on, specifically on the Battlemaster Class Cruiser. Some of the work can be seen there, BUT the weapons page is not revamped just yet. I have also been working on the master copy of Desert Star, writing it up in book form. When it's complete I intend to take it to kinkos to have three or four copies made and bound. Who says you can only get stuff published by Palladium?? :o) If anyone cares to know, no it's not for sale. If you E-mail me however, I might send you the copy via E-mail for you to print for yourself. In the last week, we've also had family issues that have prevented further work. My wife who just last month found out she was pregnant, discovered that she was in the middle of a miscarriage this week, so that has been sort of hard on all of us here. It's sad, but life must go on. Anyway, I will try my best to get back into the program posting more details on the Battlemaster, and continuing with the Whiteshark.

4:52PM 12/6/00 - Well, once I mentioned it, I figured I'd better get on it.... I finished up the Battlemaster Class Battlecruiser's weapons section! Yaaaay! Figures that it was only a little less than two hours worth of work... Well, Whiteshark is next!

3:47AM 12/13/00 - Today I completed the Whiteshark Class Patrol Boat, FINALLY! The Allied Naval Fleet has now been completely revised, and edited. I hope you enjoy the work I've put into the page so far. My next step is to again return to Wa-Daisho and begin work on the Air Force aircraft to bring those up to spec as well.

12:43AM 12/14/00 - Keeping this ball rolling along! I went through and edited the Wa-Daisho Raiden under the Air Force page, and then went on ahead and edited the Bandito Arms Fighting Falcon page! Wow! Just all sorts of stuff getting done. Once all of that was finished, I decided that since the Fighting Falcon looks a tad bit different from the Sky King, that I'd draw up a nice little picture of it on my Paint program, and put it up on the page as well. Not a bad likeness! :o) I fizzled out when it came to the task of writing up the S-Mart Eagle though. Maybe I will have more ambition to work on that stuff tomorrow. If and when I finish that, then I need to go and add some links to a few different pages, so people can actually see what the Eagle is, then from there it's a dive into Wa-Daisho's Armored Units.

12:28AM 12/15/00 - Looooooooooong day today. I managed to get the S-Mart SMF-3 Eagle typed up FINALLY, and posted here for all of you to see. It took me a great deal of time and effort to try to get all of the facts in it to correspond but I think I managed pretty well. Once that was complete, along came the seas of links to add to the pages so that Eagle can be accessed. As I keep getting deeper into this rewrite, I notice that the list of pages it is accessible through is growing longer, and thus the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen gets longer. Egad! Once that was finished, I attacked the S-Mart HT-1 Zipper, in an aggressive rewrite, and got that squared away. I had to edit the updates page, as it was growing too long as well - as you can see at the top of this page there is now a link for January-November 2000 updates. Furthermore concerning the RIFTS pages, IF you had noticed numerous technical figures and specifications have been changed concerning ranges and effects of Radar, Radio, and Sonar. Most of this is because of the authors growing technical understanding of the function of the systems. The figures I've been adding have been more than fair, in fact still a tad unrealistically FAR, but for the most part it is better than some of those figures I was using to correspond with Palladium's standards. Let me know what you think, and any opinions you have concerning this radical chance in policy.

12:14AM 12/18/00 - I didn't get as much time as I would have liked to work on this page today, but I did get something accomplished. I have updated the Harvey stats according to more realistic terms, and have added more information, standardized it all a bit - AND finally wrote up a half ways decent background for it. I feel that I still have a lot of work left to accomplish before the whole thing is finished. I hope that in the end, my work is the most accurate and realistic RIFTS works on the 'net. :o) Fat chance, right? ;oP

12:24AM 12/22/00 - Okay! The S-Mart Atlas has been rewritten, with better data - AND also has more details as per it's service! Next is the Hovertruck, and then some minor changes to the Masakari as well - and Wa-Daisho's Armored Units will be finished out. All that remains that must be finished in the military is the Infantry section, then I go back and rewrite all sorts of fun extraneous stuff for the nation of Wa-Daisho.

5:12PM 12/23/00 - The rewrite of the Mukade was canceled. Since the Mukade is in fact just a modified S-Mart Hovertruck, I altered the Hovertruck page slightly and put that one in place of the old Mukade page. If you somehow get to that old Mukade page, let me know from where you accessed it so I can replace the link!! Also, I modified the Masakari according to what the communications and radar ranges SHOULD be... so hopefully it's better now. Note, that I do NOT agree with Palladium's views of long ranges for such small objects. I don't care how much power you pour into something it isn't going to have that kind of range...

12:49AM 1/6/01 - Happy New Year Folks! Well, it's been a while since I updated, almost a couple of weeks. I felt that now was a good time to go ahead and alter the already edited section of the S-Mart Stinger Mk.II Power Armor, since it was already done on my hard drive. While I was at it, I also went back and edited the Red River Valley Gaming Group's page. You will note a very steamy editorial about the new series of RIFTS books, the Siege on Tolkeen series. Read it, and you'll see why we are not too appreciative of Palladium's "efforts". As for the Wa-Daisho updates, in the Infantry section all that remains is the Dustfish and Hachiman to alter - and then I get to move on into the OCCs of Wa-Daisho. It'll be nice to get rid of those ancient eye sores!

11:06AM 1/10/01 - Woke up this morning at five AM, couldn't get back to sleep, and so decided to work on my web site! I ended up FINALLY finishing off the Infantry section, rewriting the Kamiken slightly, reworking the HTML of the Dustfish, and then finally rewriting the Hachiman. All in all, it looks pretty good! Getting rid of the Hachiman was a good feeling. That was without a doubt the oldest page I had around having been written in mid September of 1996, a mere few days after I started this whole page. It's strange how a compilations of letters, and words, can bring about old memories of days long past. In any case, I'm happy to see it finally rewritten, and now I can continue to expand my rewrite of Wa-Daisho. The next step on my agenda, is most definitely the edit of the OCCS of Wa-Daisho. They are quite old - not as old as the Hachiman, but pretty close. I wrote those first around the time that I got the old Geocities account back in early '97 some time, and they've been edited for minor things a couple of times since. I have since rewritten them in the hard copy I have here, so the rewrite of the online versions should be relatively fast, easy, and painless. From there, I get back into the civil regions of Wa-Daisho. There was one other point that was made, regarding the Javelin Class Battleships - an associate of mine pointed out that the blast diameter of an Iowa Class Battleship is something to the effect of 2,000' - but yet I have such a small blast radius on the Javelin's cannon shells. I'm not sure what I will do to remedy that situation yet. I'd like to find out what the Yamato's cannon shell's blast radius was so I could draw from that, rather than the 16 inchers. 2,000' though - wow... and we thought the Javelin was powerful before!

1:03AM 1/11/01 - Well, I tried to get a new guest book today. I realized that thing has been down far too long. I tried to get one through Tripod, but I couldn't because of a glitch. Then I tried guestbooks4free, and that glitched on me too after I built it up. Anyway, I'll try to work on that again another time. However, for the time being, I did finish up updating the Wa-Daisho Samurai Trooper O.C.C. so I'm keeping this ball rolling!

7:16AM 1/12/01 - No new luck on the guestbook... I think I am doomed to have a crumby guestbook! :o( Today however, I did get some work done on the page. I updated the Wa-Daisho Power Armor Commando, and also changed the names under the O.C.C.s sections to names that more closely approximated the O.C.C. in question. I also settled on a new blast radius for the 452 mm cannons used by the Javelin Class Battleship, and went for a blast radius of 500' - and ended up having to adjust the blast radius for the lesser guns of the Javelin, as well as the guns of the Battlemaster to seem a LITTLE more consistent. Special thanks goes out to good ole Flakbait for the tip on blast radiuses.

6:37PM 1/12/01 - I changed the names of all of the Wa-Daisho O.C.C.s, file names to more accurately portray what they are. Those two mile long file names were a pain in the neck anyway! :o) I also updated the "Wanese Cyborg Soldier", changing it to the far too cool Kamiyoroi Cyborg O.C.C., let me tell you there's something that just absolutely rocks about a well balanced cyborg rather than the munchkin "Wanese Cyborg Soldier" that was there previously... I mean, come on?! Pretty bad when you can look back on an old creation and laugh at it yourself...hehe Two more to update now, and a third to add - a special class, I made up a while back, that I think really should be put up here...especially in light of the Cyber-Knights turning yellow...

9:29PM 1/12/01 - I finished up the Military Engineer O.C.C. of Wa-Daisho. Took a bit more work than I anticipated, since I didn't have a picture of the Amaterasu shield that looked good enough for scanning, I had to draw one on my paint program... Doesn't look the greatest, but it gives you an idea of what it'd look like. I also had to go into a bit more detail than I did on my hard copy. Last is the Sorcerer O.C.C. of Wa-Daisho, which should be pretty easy to post - last before I add that this new one.

9:14AM 1/13/01 - The update-a-thon seems to be over at least for a few hours now. :o) I finished up the Sorcerer O.C.C. and posted it right around 6 AM or so, and then did a massive rewrite on the Kenshido Knight O.C.C. I had in my hard copy here. All in all, upon completion - I only have this to say... "Cyber-Knights? We don need no steenkin' Cyber-Knights!" I did go back and add the uniforms to the equipment list of all of the O.C.C.s which somehow managed to get left out, so now that looks right. *sigh of relief* Wa-Daisho's military appears to be complete for the time being - all is calm on the western front. HOWEVER, I may put it back under the knife again for editing of radio ranges yet again! I spoke with Flakbait at length over it, and it sounds like my ranges are still a bit unrealistically long! However, we shall see yet what I might do about it... In the meantime, it looks as if my next real step will be to tackle the Introduction to Wa-Daisho which is still in gray-back format, which dates back to the pages created in a three or four month span during early 1998.

6:28PM 1/25/01 - Okay! Lots of updates have been done on the page since I have last updated the updates page. A lot of the time, I update several pages at once, and then will put them all up at the same time - unfortunately this runs over into the Mrs computer time, and means that I cannot write the updates on the page. Okay, where to begin. The Main Wa-Daisho page has been updated with an increased number of listings available for information. Economics, Media, Various Living Expenses, Cost of Goods, Salaries, and the Alliance Currency site are all up and running. Cost of Goods still has a few dead links on it, as I need to write up a list of products that are available in Wa-Daisho, such as fruits and vegetables that adapt well to that climate, specific farming information, and things of that nature. I've got most of this information on hand already I just need to put it to print. The Currency page is the most complete I've seen here on the 'net, when it comes to a fictional monetary form. I have provided images of the money used in the Free Allied Nations, and even an image of an Allied Credit Card is provided - with your's truly's ugly mug used as an example. Check it out! I'm quite proud of my credit card! :o)

4:37AM 5/10/01 - Hello folks! It's been a long time since anything on this web site has been updated, and for that I apologize. Life has a habit of running away from you when you least expect it! What's been happening - well I've been nurturing new friendships and relationships, had a wonderful trip that took me clear from here in Minnesota, through Jackpot Nevada where I saw Yankee Gray perform two shows in a row, then moved on into Redding California where I spent a week with my grand mother. In the meantime - the Red River back at home was flooding it's banks again and nearly overwhelmed my home town, and my house! Being incapable of pushing back the flood waters ourselves, we continued on our trip down into the Bay area in California to visit Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins in profusion, before crossing Arizona and New Mexico, into El Paso to visit cousins - then went up north to Wichita Falls to visit yet another Uncle, before cutting back up the central states to home again! It was truly an adventure worthy of mention - and it has done wonders for my terrain descriptions, having seen all the wonderful terrain more recently I can describe it more vividly. I highly recommend travel for you GMs out there. After that I had a go round with the dreaded MTX virus on my PC, which I would not like to go through again, which resulted in necessitating the use of the quick restore program disk on my computer. I'm back now though - and might be working on this web site soon. Since my return from California we've been gaming a lot on our higher power campaign - in which we're trying to cause havoc with the CS military potential by taking out meat and various food processing plants. Now back to the page however. I'd like to fix some more of those dead links as well in the economics page. I also have one vehicle design that needs to be added to the list of aircraft available to the Wa-Daisho Air Force - the Type 16 Trainer.

6:24AM 5/11/01 - Well Folks I'm baaa-aaack! I've been going over the work I did in the last few months I was in my big work kick, and noticed that although I paid very good attention to the details of the game mechanics, and the story line - I failed to obey the basic laws of HTML - and realized ... Ack! I have many dead links!! I went over many of them in the last couple of days and fixed the broken links ... mostly the links at the bottom of the pages used for navigating around the Wa-Daisho related pages. In any case those are now fixed - most of them, or all that I've found basically. I'm also undertaking an edit project that is still remaining from the old days of HTML! This file was so old, that I still had HR codes all over the place, had red italic lettering at the heading, and had very ... well .... "POOR" information, and spelling. In any case, I started that big job, and have gotten about half of it rewritten. The file I'm referring to is the Nobunaga Palace page in my Republic of Wa-Daisho section. Go check out what I've done so far at Nobunaga Palace! Also, on a side note - I have also added the Republic Industries Type 16 Trainer to the listings in Wa-Daisho's Air Force, as well as the Navy section.

11:00PM 5/11/01 - I finished editing the Nobunaga Palace & City Walls page. It's packed with information - all of which has been edited of it's incredible "cheese factor", and contains some information that might actually be useful now. I REALLY want to get some pictures up there however, because without them, it looks rather blah, more like a report than a fun place to NOT attack. *grin* I also wrote up another page, that would seem out of place in an actual RIFTS book because of the sheer level of detail we're referring to now. I have written up a list of holidays and descriptions for the Republic of Wa-Daisho. I have not posted them yet, but I will soon. I'm going to keep looking around the page to see what else I can do tonight, and maybe I'll get that put up as well.

6:14AM 5/12/01 - All sorts of information added today! I scanned up the image of the Island of Wa-Daisho finally, so the introduction to the entire Republic begins! I updated the population figures, with the numbers including all the other small towns and farms in Wa-Daisho, I added the FIRST image of Nobunaga Palace - a pencil drawing by your's truly. Yes, I know I'm not an artist - but without one at my disposal, I do my best. I also reorganized the Wa-Daisho main page according to general city info, political/government info, and culture/lifestyle info. Looks MUCH better now. I looked over at Desert Star briefly ... oie ... I don't think I'm looking forward to that job!! Oh, and I also got the holidays and annual events file put up for Wa-Daisho as well. Slowly but surely, it is coming around people!!

5:49PM 8/28/01 - Hello everyone! Been a while since I've updated. Been doing a bit too much stuff lately to have time for the web page, but I try! Most often I'm playing Mr. Mom, cooking, cleaning, and doing merchandizing jobs outside of the home, so that eats up a lot of my time. When I'm not doing this, I'm working on my other hobbies, model building - and questing to attain rare and hard to find model kits. Every now and then I get in an urge to work on my home page, or on other RIFTS material - so I do. Most often it's in hard copy though, like the other night I was drawing out floor plans to the fortifications around the keep of Nobunaga Palace. Today however, I finally got to the web page. I edited the Jedi Knight O.C.C. after it was pointed out as a favorite of a gamer, via E-mail! I went, looked, and saw it - but I saw that it looked like crap! The material was still basically sound, but the format had to go. It was the old gray background format that I used to use! Egad! I edited it, used some of his suggestions to clean up the O.C.C. a bit, etc. Looks much better now!! Thanks William Johnson!!

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