Dalmirian R.C.C.

by Edward May

      The Dalmirian's are the native race to the world known as Dalmir. While Dalmir is a powerful world of magic, it is not highly traversed like RIFTS Earth, for one very large distinction. Dalmir is located on the fringe of what is believed to be a dieing dimension. The fabric of time and space is incredibly thin on this world, so thin in fact, that teleportation and rift technologies became commonly available during this world's golden age of science. This thin fabric of time and space however is unstable. At uneven intervals dimensional fluxes of various types will occur, and when the distortions reach their world, it often causes unimaginable damage and carnage. Furthermore when wars break out on Dalmir, battle sites where large numbers of warriors perish often are the site of gargantuan RIFTS, or as with the advent of nuclear weapons on Dalmir - global cataclysm.

      Evolving on a world of magic usually means that the race in question will have extremely tough bodies as a result of the influence of the magic energies upon their beings. Strangely Dalmirians evolved in a different path - unknowingly becoming living breathing P.P.E. batteries - not dissimilarly from a trained Ley Line Walker! When their race first encountered magic, in use by creatures of magic who had traveled to their world, it was believed that they would become a race of some of the most powerful spell casters in the Megaverse. Despite this initial belief, spell casters quickly developed a bad name on Dalmir when war broke out again and their magic caused yet another massive catastrophy.

      Despite their world's history of catastrophy, they have thrived on this world, with several billion Dalmirians existing on it's several continents. Magic is banned across Dalmir, and each subsequent ruler of Dalmir attempts to destroy all evidence of weapons of mass destruction in a sort of forced revertion to primitive times. Dalmirians themselves are a pale blue skinned race of D-Bees with a rigid cartilage like bone structure in their torso, back, neck, and head but with extremely flexible cartilage structure in their arms and legs. Their race is notorious for disgusting displays of flexibility including, bending arms or legs in odd directions, and even retracting limbs to make them abnormally short.

      About ten years ago, a dimensional flux on Dalmir changed the dimensional axis of the Dalmirian dimension, stranding thousands of Dalmirians on RIFTS Earth and throughout the megaverse. Those stranded have been led to believe by circumstances that their entire home world was destroyed - when in fact it still exists. Many of those stranded Dalmirians live in Desert Star, the Queen of Desert Star Mahelian Shaquela, also happens to be the Queen of the whole Dalmir world!

Alignment: Any.
Natural Abilities: Extreme Flexibility and Nightvision 60'.
Appearance: Light Blue Skinned humanoid D-Bees, of anywhere from 5'-7' height, and of a light build. Their natural hair colors range from gold, silver, to light blue. Eye color is typically gold, cobalt blue, or bright green. Another interesting aspect about Dalmirians is that they are not capable of growing facial hair and acquire no genital hair at puberty. (As with humans Dalmirians can dye hair, and wear contacts to disguise some of these unusual characteristics, but little can be done for the skin color.)
Common Ailments: Internal Arm and Leg cramping during retractions, digestive disorders (If the foods are too greasy or spicy.), strained tendons, and strained muscles.
Life Span: 200 Dalmirian Years. (Roughly 1,200 human years!)
Attributes: I.Q.: 3D6, M.E.: 3D6, M.A.: 4D6, P.S.: 3D6, P.P.: 5D6, P.E.: 2D6, P.B.: 5D6, Spd: 3D6.
P.P.E.: 2D6x10!! (Their race has a natural aptitude for magic, however see below.)
H.P.: Standard PE +1D6 Per level.
S.D.C.: Non men at arms: 4D6, Adventurers/Rogues: 6D6, and 1D6x10 for men at arms.
Tech Level: Varies; Their race was once a high tech space faring race, until their technologies, joined with magic nearly destroyed their world. With this in mind, each sub-sequent ruler has tried to gradually rid themselves of certain technologies, such as weapons of mass destruction, and any attempt to use magic in conjunction with technology.
Magic: As mentioned previously, the magic on Dalmir has made this race natural mages. However since the great wars the use of magic has been altogether banned on Dalmir, in an attempt to destroy this races link with magic. With their high PPE levels small explosive devices which slew hundreds would be the equivelent of hundreds of thousands of humans being slain!
GM's Note: The Dalmirian culture and history is a rich one, one which I fully intend to write up one day - possibly as an official RIFTS Dimension Book. I intend to include a full run down of the Dalmirian history, significant dimensional creatures that have visited, religious faiths, language details, and similar. I have already written the Dalmirian font system out, and have about 80 words. How's that for dedication?! I also hope to write a series of books on the places of interest, with full adventure fun mixed in!
Psionics: Standard.
Skills: Common Skills to the Dalmirian's are Math Basic, Dalmirian/Literacy Dalmirian, and their respective career skills.
OCCs: Vagabond, Wilderness Scout, or Dragonguard if native to Dalmir. If they originate on Earth or elsewhere, they may be just about any O.C.C. (Use common sense.), there is a remote possibility that they may somehow have become users of magic if they were not taught the ways of their people.
Cybernetics/Bionics: These will be avoided like the plague! Unless it is some form of prostetic to replace a damaged or missing limb. They are simply too proud of their bodies and natural abilities to surrender it to all that metal.

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