The Curses of the Golden Dragon

Power Rating: ***
Level of Exp: 4 and up
Campaign Members: 3-6
Requirements: None really, simply the urge to either help someone in an important task or the urge to collect money.
Avg Campaign Length: Three or Four 4 hour gaming sessions

Hook: A Dragon several thousand years ago was doomed to a powerful curse. Several lifetimes later he finds clues that may allow him to break this curse. This curse dooms him to live in the mortal and fragile body of a human and die every hundred or so years only to be reborn again, and then learn of his fate yet again. No curse in his opinion could be worse. He is an old man now and needs assistance, possibly the assistance of the players!
Line: Agai's companion Feather (A beautiful Elven Maiden) recieved these messages in a dream months ago of a magical concoction that could break the curse. These items are rare, and involve several powerful items of light and evil, and neutral objects that are none the less rare. He wishes to collect these items and attempt to utilize them! This journey to collect these items should take them across the world several times over in a global scavenger hunt for both mythical items and rare items from the far corners of the Earth.
Sinker: After the items are gathered the characters are allowed to witness the conversion. Agai finally finds himself to be of the Dragonesti again. Finally he may live his life out without the curse forever holding him back. If the character helped him out of the kindness of their hearts he will feel that he owes them a huge debt of gratitude, and will come to their aid whenever they need. If they were hired on by he or Feather, they will be paid handsomely. (Possibly in the millions range! I leave this figure up to the GM.)