CSA-100 "Super Warthog" Advanced Trainer

      In the late 2080s, the Fairchild-Dornier A-100B "Super Warthog" equipped, 442nd Fighter wing was based at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri - the traditional home of the 442nd.

      In 2089 the US Armed Forces seized the baja peninsula from Mexico, claiming it as a US Territory in payment for a debt the Mexican Government owed the US, that numbered into the Trillions of credits. In defiance of the US Government however, fueled by years of US arrogance and global ridicule, Mexico retaliated by launching a half dozen french Aerospatiale TN-82 Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles the US was not aware they possessed. Their target - the heart of American Industry of the day, Salt Lake City. The United States was caught completely by surprise - few survived the combined yeild of the 9 megatons that struck the city.

      Mortified by the tragedy of the millions of American citizens killed in that insane act, the US quickly declared war on Mexico and began mobilization. The 442nd did not initially get into the fight, but finally got into the action when they were set to relieve the 23rd Fighter wing. Once assigned, they transferred to a forward air base, near Concepcion del Oro in February of 2098.

      Successes in this campaign for the 442nd Fighter Wing, was phenominal however by their eighth month of service, everyone involved was getting weary. The aircraft needed overhauls and the pilots needed R & R. Seeing this, the USAF command rotated the 442nd with the 354th, and sent the 442nd back to Whiteman AFB in Missouri, on November 20th, 2098.

      Scarcely a month after their return home, the cataclysm struck. Receiving only brief warnings of the incredible storms heading towards Missouri, the aircraft were placed in a handful of hardened hangars meant to sustain direct hits from low grade nuclear weapons. In the meantime, the base personnel hunkered down, in wait for the storms. Despite all precautions, the storms that would spawn literally hundreds of tornadoes, and straight line winds in excess of 200 mph that swept across the hilly Missouri plains were just too much. Many of the buildings on post were leveled. Torrential rains kicked up, and flooded many nuclear shelters. Bizarre electrical arcs and storms caused all power to be knocked out, preventing pumping of the nuclear shelters. It was total chaos - that lasted for years. The few that did survive were more interested in finding their families than sticking with military doctrine - and thus forever abandoned Whiteman Air Force Base. Two hundred years later, little remained of Whiteman Air Force Base, except for a half dozen hardened hangars covered over by dirt and debris, like small, uniform shaped hills.

      One day, a CS patrol attacked a small village of D-Bees in Missouri, who had been accused of sheltering bandit raiders. Every man, woman, and child in the village was destroyed - as per CS policy. During the course of the battle a stray missile volley demolished the wall of one of those hardened hangars, and revealed the darkness within to the curious soldiers in the aftermath of the battle. Soon thereafter, the place was crawling with CS technical officers, archeological dig experts, scientists, and the standard gamut of CS personnel for when something like this was found. Once the contents of the hangars was thoroughly examined, the aircraft were removed to Chi-Town for the brass there to figure out what to do with the 12 aircraft recovered in almost pristine condition.

      Although the weapons capacity of the A-100 Super Warthog was impressive, the CS much preferred the use of lighter, easier to replace, Sky Cycles for the role of low, slow, Air to Surface combat. The aircraft were poorly suited to high altitude combat, and were not fast enough to be interceptors. Thus, the only other alternative was decided upon; convert them into two seat training aircraft. Two such aircraft were canibalized, and several standard modifications were made to their systems to make them further compatable with other CS designs.

Class: Two Seat Trainer.
Type: CSA-100B Super Warthog.
Crew: Pilot Trainee & In Flight Trainer.
M.D.C. by Location:
    *Wings(2)-210 each.
    **Nose Laser Turret-50.
    **Reinforced Pilots Compartment/Canopy-90.
    **Thrusters(3)-100 each.
    ***Main Body-280.

Underwing Stores M.D.C. by Location: Carried During Advanced Training.
    **Pylon Mounted Short Range Missiles(6)-5 each.
    **Pylon Mounted Medium Range Missiles(4)-10 each.

* Destroying one of the wings will cause the aircraft to crash.
** These targets are small, and difficult to hit, and may only be done so at a penalty of -4 to strike.
*** Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body means that the aircraft's fuselage is in tatters, and for safety measures the thrusters have disengaged. The pilot can attempt a dead stick landing, at a -30% on level ground, or can opt to eject.

Same as per the S-Mart Assassin-A, with the following exception;
Maximum Speed: 546 mph with it's wings clean - however the speed of this aircraft is only lowered by approximately 20 mph with all ten missiles mounted underneath the wings.

Statistical Data:
Same as per the Assassin-A - with the following exceptions...

Weight: 37,526 Lbs. (Note that it is lightened by smaller avionics systems, and the removal of most of it's armor.)
Market Cost: The Coalition States only possesses ten of the original 12 aircraft - and NEVER deploy them in trouble regions where they could be hijacked or captured. They are based north of the ruins of New Mason City, in the state of Chi-Town.

Weapon Systems: NOTE: This aircraft is STRICTLY a training aircraft! It is not deployed in combat roles under any circumstances, because they serve the Coalition States better in training pilots, than squandering their usefulness in losing them via attrition.

1. CR-4T Laser Turret: Same stats as per the CS Sky Cycle. (page 202 in the Main RIFTS Book.) This weapon system allows the trainee to get the knack for manipulating a laser turret in while maintaining control of the aircraft. It is usually used to tag mock-up targets on the ground, or to shoot a target banner dragged along behind an unarmed sky cycle.

2. Pylon Mounted Short Range Missiles: Two different missiles are typically carried for different training missions. For ground attack training missions missiles with a smoke dispensing cannister are carried, to confirm hits on targets. For interception/air combat training missions, it carries a special solid warhead that simply strikes the target banner, and punches through. (For both missile types use the stats of the Short Range Smoke Missile, as found on page 46 of the Main RIFTS book.)

3. Pylon Mounted Medium Range Missiles: These missiles are employed in the exact same way as the Short Range Missiles are - only they are used for longer range training. (For both missile types use the stats of the Medium Range Smoke Missile, as found on page 46 of the Main RIFTS book.)

4. Systems of Note:
-Military Radio: 500 mile range.
-Radar with Look Down: 30 mile range.
-Targeting Computer: Assists in tracking and identifying up to 20 targets at a time.
-Laser Targeting System: Assists in the the focusing on a specific target location up to 4,000' away. Provides a bonus of +1 to strike.

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