Candles of Time

Power Rating: **
Level of Exp: 3 and up
Campaign Members: 4-10
Requirements: The character group must be predominantly a hero group. Some group that would be willing to do something without payment or reward.
Avg Campaign Length: One or Two 4 hour game sessions

Hook: Traveling through the wilderness the characters find an odd village. It is surounded by a dry blackened clearing. The walls of the buildings are made of stone and the roofs are thatched straw and wood. There are several people out and about partaking in their daily routines, yet when the characters come into sight they freeze and run to their homes.
Line: The characters would feel compeled by their curiosity, to find out what was happening here when they learn from the town elder that this town has remained in a limbo like state where the people did not age and they were free of disease. They were protected by two ancient artifacts known as the Kevla and Armosnia or simply known to the citizens as the candles of time, because they resemble ornate candles. They still possess the Armosnia which still protects them from disease and age, however everything else here on this world they are now suseptable to!
Sinker: Stress to the characters how dangerous a world this is to someone from the middle ages. The item has been stolen by an evil mage named Hecatus, an evil man that has survived from their age somehow! He has taken it to a nearby Nexus to begin a magic spell that unbeknowst the characters may change the face of our world! He plans to change the world to the way it was in the first age of magic, where technology simply did not exist! Kind of a massive D-Shift!
Effect: If the item is returned safely the characters are offered a place among them, to live a life of luxery for a seemingly infinite amount of time. Whether they accept or not the town will soon disappear again, safely replaced by the protecting magics of the candles of time.
This man is extremely ancient and senile. He is having trouble on the nexus remembering spells and has managed to create two ley line storms, and several thunder storm systems. He can be dangerous though, if angered he will have no problem remembering spells so dangerous that they were outlawed by conclaves of mages hundreds of years ago! GM's - be creative on this one. I purposefully did not outline him, so that you can alter his abilities or attributes however you may see fit. Remember though that his senility can be used against him, so you may be able to convince him somehow to return the item. This is a perfect point for role play rather than roll play!

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