Bonita's Dance Hall

Owner: Marthania Bonita, a former resident of Water Point Preserve that left along with Akersley to found the village of Vancouver on the southern tip of the largely unoccupied island, owns this establishment. She is not extraordinary in appearance, as she is in her own self-admitted golden years, at 56 years of age, and has a pleasantly plump build. She is however noteworthy for other attributes - not the least of which being a genuine good person. For years, her one goal was to open a dance hall/dance school, and for years her ideas fell through the floor, simply put, because there wasn't enough interest. Once their sleepy village began to grow due to outside influences, suddenly there was an infusion of interest that made it a reasonable consideration! Although originally objective to building her dance hall underground, she settled on the idea and hasn't regretted it since.
Reputation: The dance hall has a good reputation as being a fun place to hang out when you aren't looking to get blitzed. Marthania's late husband was an alcoholic, and so when Marthania decided to build this establishment she made it a priority that this be an "alcohol free fun zone" as she puts it. This makes it all the more popular with parents when their children are invited to dates and social gatherings at Bonita's Dance Hall. Among adventurers and married couples looking for a good time, it is also fairly popular, although her refusal to allow alcohol tends to chase away some of both groups. This popularity increases significantly after people meet Marthania, as she just seems to be the sort of person one can talk to - without her gossiping about it all over town. As a Dance School, Marthania is an excellent dancer and an equally skilled instructor. She knows dozens of different dances all the way from old fashioned couples dances that are said to date from before the cataclysm to contemporary dances brought over from the East.
Description of Establishment: A 200'x120' two story section of Level 4, appearing to be made entirely of concrete over all. There is one main entrance on the East face of the establishment composing of a glass door with a large glass window on each side of the door, and similar windows spaced every 30' or so along the south and west walls. The door opens to a setting that resembles a bar with a row of booths along the south wall, with a variety of different sized tables spaced out about 30' into the establishment. To the far west wall is the till and the bar itself - which upon inspection will reveal that it is entirely a "juice" bar. Beyond the tables is a 4' wall that sections this portion off from the massive highly polished dance floor. At the far back of the establishment is a stage where a live band may play, or the DJ equipment may be brought out on to, to play for those who want to dance. The top floor is composed of storage, Marthania's personal living quarters, a small first aid station, and a pair of guest rooms for family or friends to stay overnight.
Description of Services: Bonita's Dance Hall provides a number of services. On Friday through Sunday from 12 Noon to 4:30PM Bonita's Dance Hall opens as a Roller Blade/Skate Rink, charging 3 credits per child, and 5 credits per adult to skate, plus 2 credits to rent blades/skates. At 5PM on Friday through Sunday she reopens the establishment until 12 Midnight as a dance hall for 3 credits per child and 5 credits per adult. On Monday through Wednesday she rents the establishment out for private parties, weddings, and similar for 200 credits for 5 hours. On Thursday however she opens the place at 11AM and keeps it open until 5PM as a Dance School teaching a variety of different dances. Lessons cost 10 credits per session, or a year long membership costs 400 credits. Through all of these her "juice bar" remains open, serving all different varieties of juice drinks, as well as soft drinks, iced water, iced tea, hot tea, hot chicory (coffee), lemonade, and a variety of non-alcohol punches. Snacks are also sold at the juice bar. Nothing is priced over 3 credits at the juice bar. During the nights live bands play there is often also a cover charge of 2-5 credits per person.

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