Black Mage O.C.C.

by Jan Knoell

      During the dark ages practicioners of the arcane arts fell in vast numbers to rampant persecution in witch hunt after witch hunt, all in the name of Christianity. Eventually, forced to retreat to mountainous scandinavia, they formed a secret order of magic users there - known simply as the Black Order. Centuries following this retreat the numerous different teachings of magic were melded within the Order into a singular school of magic. Those fortunate few accepted into this Order's schooling, and the fewer still who survived to graduate, became known collectively as Black Mages.

      Unlike "modern" spell casters, who's magic derives from advanced teachings of magic from alternate dimensions and other worlds, these spell casters come from an ancient schooling - where each spell requires components. It is up to the game master to determine what spells will require what components. The more common spells are likely to involve common components - but the more powerful the spell, the more rare and difficult to find the components will be.

Alignment: Any.
Attribute Requirements: A high IQ and PE is required.
Attribute Bonuses: Nil.
Combat Bonuses: +4 save vs. Horror Factor and +3 to save vs. Magic.

OCC Skills:
    Land Navigation (+10%)
    Magic Lore (+10%)
    Holistic Medicine (+10%)
    Mystic Herbology (+5%)
    Cook (+5%)
    Astronomy (+10%)
    W.P. One of Choice
    Hand to Hand: Basic

OCC Related Skills: The character may also select 10 other skills, plus an additional two skills at levels 3, 6. 9. 12, and 15.

    Communications: Any
    Domestic: Any (+5%)
    Electrical: None
    Espionage: Any
    Mechanical: None.
    Medical: First Aid only.
    Military: None
    Physical: Any
    Pilot: No Military or Ultra-tech.
    Pilot Related: Any
    Rogue: Any
    Science: Any (+10%)
    Technical: Any (+20%)
    WP: Any
    Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills: The character may also select 6 other skills representing the characters hobbies or past times, from the list above plus an additional skill at levels 4, 8, & 12.

Magic Knowlege: The character automatically starts with three spells from each levels 1-4. As the character grows in experience he can devise new spells at a rate of 2 spells per level of experience, from a level of magic matching his own experience level.

P.P.E.: The character is a battery of mystical power much like any other magic user. Base P.P.E. is PE+3D4x10.

Cybernetics: None! Black Mages do not believe in augmentation or artificial replacement limbs.
Starting Equipment: A modest wardrobe, an assortment of personal items, a suit of magically smithed robe like mesh body armor (45 M.D.C.), One light energy weapon of choice, a simple wooden staff or iron rod, 6 wooden stakes, a mallet, a holistic medicine kit, several small pouches (for spell components), a backpack or satchel, and enough spell components to cast each spell known three times.

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