February 2003 to September 2003 Updates

3:34AM 8/3/03 - I am truly ashamed at how little this page has been updated in the past year, and to all of those who make a habit of using the materials on this web page - I formally apologize to you for not working more to put this page together the rest of the way. I hope that this update will help to explain why I have been away for so long. The past six months have been a major period of transition for our family and for our game group as a whole. In January I learned that I am going to be a father again, which of course required a bit more focus on some very important things that I have probably not spent enough time with. First of all, my health wasn't the greatest - I have been gaining weight over the last couple of years, and had really stopped doing most of the things I used to do that more or less kept my body in the one shape I had kept for years. When I learned this, I made a point to change ... EVERYTHING about my life. I spend much less time on the computer, I eat much less, I drink diet soda, fruit juices, and coffee with Sweet-N-Low in it, I go out a lot more, go on long walks, spend more time with my daughter outdoors, I've taken up weight lifting again, and have even started to take up bicycling again. After six months of hard labor to work my body into shape, I've managed to lose a good portion of the weight that I had gained, got myself into a size of jean I hadn't worn since Junior High School, and now lift more weight than I did back when I was in High School Football back in the mid 90s. Why now? I guess I finally realized that having a family means that I have to do everything I can to stay with my family. At the rate I was going ... I wouldn't have seen my soon to be son reach high school. Beyond all of that, I also needed to whip myself back into shape for a full out return to the work force. I've been working part time merchandising for the past four years - a full time position at a factory is a great deal more strenuous than that position required. Anyway, enough about that - game stuff and page stuff. Our game group is in the midst of transition as well. We're still plugging away at the final stages of our famous "Skies Over Tolkeen" campaign. Our characters are no longer directly affiliated with the Royal Tolkeen Air Force, and instead we're working hard at getting as many refugees out of Tolkeen as we can before the CS Naval Infantry Division from the north manages to close the last safe route of escape. As time goes on it is getting increasingly difficult just to keep them from closing that gap... With that campaign drawing to a close, we are left to consider future campaigns. A few mini-campaigns have been planned for our SoT characters for the near future, but the powerful character group will have to sit on back burners for at least a little while. The reason being, is that those characters are taking a time skip - a five year skip while several of them get some of their out of character issues in order. When we return to that group - there is plans for a MAJOR anti-Vampire campaign that will involve a full out assault on the Vampire Kingdoms from the member nations of the Alliance. I plan to put this all together as a campaign that Game Masters from around the world can follow suit to do the same, by outlining the politics surrounding it prior to the start of the campaign. I will outline major points, major enemy forces, and the forces that have been committed to the campaign - but ultimately I leave it up to individual GMs how they want to run it, or who even wins. That is one project I have been kicking around for a while, and that I work on from time to time - as time permits. The immediate future for the web page however, is that I plan to finish the update on the Underground Places of Interest of Wa-Daisho. I have decided that a more basic description of the surrounding towns of Wa-Daisho will suffice - so those will be quick to create and post. Beyond that, then I will delve into Desert Star - stuff that I posted YEARS ago, to rework, recreate, and to deepen the story line behind the Glittering City. When will I have time? Saturdays or Sunday nights I think will be prime days for updates. Wish me luck, and please E-mail me and send me any feedback you have on existing works.

5:48AM 8/4/03 - Yesterday morning's update prompted me to actually do a face lift to the sight this morning. Although only the main page and the Palladium Books' Hyperlink page have been altered, I intend to complete the face lift later in the morning or early this afternoon. Some of the data was out dated, images were old and "dusty", so I changed the color scheme around, changed the buttons, and I think it really looks a hundred percent better now than it did! I looked over the data I had put off on a back burner regard the Gods we of the RRVGG have used for our game, and I found that I had two pages ready to be posted on it, and another in the works. I got bogged down in the third, however, because it's a twist on the modern Judeo-Christian-Muslim theology. I made the mistake of trying to include too many details on this diety. I might be able to get that posted sometime this week...

5:52AM 8/5/03 - I didn't get around to finishing up the face lift yesterday, so I decided to do it early this morning! In any event, SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery has a whole new look! Along with, I also added some new material here and there. I added a couple of pictures of Wa-Daisho's flags, one to the main Wa-Daisho page that shows the one from it's first few years of history, and the one presently used. Then I posted another picture sort of like that under the Wa-Daisho Military page, that shows the Wa-Daisho Naval Standard, the Flag of the Republic (Current one again...), and national insignia as it appears on standard Wa-Daisho military units armor, aircraft, etc. and the national insignia the Tenzan Elite uses. Take a look! As you all know, it is my goal to have the most comprehensive and COMPLETE supplement for RIFTS EVER! Along with this, I also killed a couple of old files. I killed the Bladesmith Armorers page once and for all, a section that has been here since September of 96. Originally I had posted stats on weapons with the intention of adding scans of the drawings I'd made of those weapons about a year prior to this page's start. However at some point or another those pictures were lost, and so it just remained a page full of stats. The story line wasn't that interesting to boot, so I scrapped it. Also I noticed that the applet for the Megaversal Chat was no longer functioning. No surprise really, I hadn't used it in a couple of years, so I went on ahead and killed that as well. I DID also add a new button for the Gods of the RRVGG, but there is nothing linked to it just yet. I don't have time to do it just now, but I'll get those posted soon...

6:30AM 8/7/03 - I put in a little bit of time this morning to finish up a couple of pages. I managed to complete the main page of "Gods of the RRVGG", and managed to finish up our rendition of "Yodheh". (For those of you who do not have the proverbial skill of Religion Lore, Yodheh is another name for Yahweh, or Jahova.) I don't really have time to link it all up to the main pages, but I'll try to get around to it this evening. Meanwhile, here's a link giving a first hand look at the page in question; Gods of the RRVGG. I may just take the oportunity to type in Hachiman and Kiraboshi while I'm at it this evening. In any event, I've got to run.

10:44PM 8/11/03 - I FINALLY managed to get back here to complete the Gods of the RRVGG update. This included linking it to all of the Gallery's main pages. Only two of the four Gods listed have been completed and posted for viewing. I should comment on these two here, as sort of an editorial. Yodheh - or otherwise known to Christians everywhere as Jahova or God is the God of the Judeo-Christian faiths. We have given this religion a slightly different twist in our RIFTS campaign making him more of a villainous sort by exaggerating the jealous aspects of this God and the tests of faith and such. An idea from Robert A. Heinlen's book "Job: A Parody of Justice" was to make Satan another God, a sort of idealistic nice guy "younger brother" of Yodheh. I have not completed the stats or background to this take on Satan, so they cannot be found there yet. However I did want to address the point and make it VERY clear that these are NOT the RRVGG's views of God or Satan, nor do we intend for anybody to get the impression that this is really how it went. The other God is Hachiman, the Shinto God of War. We have twisted things around with this God as well, to make him a bit of a schemer and manipulator as well, who isn't exactly playing with a full deck of cards. Both dieties have been active in our campaign to a great extent, along with the Aztec Pantheon and the Great Spirits of the Native American Pantheon. In any event, if you are looking to give your' RIFTS Campaign another dimension to it - check this out! Religious motivations can be very strong character backgrounds ... just look at history!

5:33AM 8/16/03 - Despite being in the midst of suffering my first ever bout of dealing with a food alergy, I have made a couple of updates to the page. Yesterday morning I managed to get the responses on my guestbook all caught up. I deleted most of the private ones - because frankly - what's the point of those if not everyone can read them?! I also managed to get Kiraboshi, the Goddess of Everlasting Neutrality, added to the Gods of the RRVGG after typing her up between my anti-histamine induced naps/comas. For those of you who do downers for fun ... WTF?! I HATE this feeling of not being able to concentrate and remain focused. In any event, I am starting to feel the next bout of sleepiness come over me, so I'd better get this posted. Enjoy! What's next? I dunno really! I'd like to get the Underground City stuff posted under Wa-Daisho, but that's a time consuming project that requires the creation of a pile of new html pages. Still, I've been procrastinating on posting it for MONTHS. I'll see what I can manage though...

11:38PM 9/1/03 - Lots of stuff going on here! Where to begin. I suppose most recent to the oldest news! As of 7:09AM my family is a family of four! My wife and fellow gamer extraordinare Angelina May gave birth to a handsome little man which we promptly named Anthony William May. Two matters of irony involved - one - she gave birth on "Labor Day", and for two - why is it that he chose to be born on a game day? Born gamer perhaps! Haha! I'll have him playing a mage by the age of six! :oD~ Kidding aside, he was 18.5 inches long, 5 Lb. 15 Oz., and rated an 8 & 9 on the test thingies they do - generally speaking, though small he's a healthy baby boy. I already am going nuts with Angie and Anthony there at the hospital - two more days of waiting. ON to other news then. No new updates have been made to the RIFTS pages in a couple of weeks but I HAVE been working on a couple of different projects. I am getting together the stats on the S-Mart Battlefield Enema - a light tank design operable by only a two man crew. She can't slug it out with the heavies, but she'd certainly enhance the long range combat capabilities of a small mercenary unit. All I have left to complete on the stats is the weapons, and then I need to find a universal adapter for my scanner so I can scan the drawing of the type. The other project I've been working on is the cultural page for Wa-Daisho. Culture for any civilized community is composed of many complicated factors. Entire books have been written on culture without even scratching the surface of details in the complexities of today's modern cultures. Although I do not even pretend to be capable of outlining ALL of the cultural details of a sophisticated island republic with influences from at least a dozen separate and unique cultures, I hope to be able to outline enough of the differences so that when players are gaming in Wa-Daisho they can tell that they are not in Lazlo, they are not in Kingsdale, but a totally different place. Cultural details, in my view, have been one of the largest weaknesses in the creations of Palladium Books. As for our campaigning, Skies Over Tolkeen has progressed so that the Tolkeenite characters no longer fight under the banner of Tolkeen, and are completely autonomous of the Tolkeenite chain of command - completely dedicated to escorting the evacuation progress and clearing the road of any hostile obstacles. Our first game session taking place outside of Tolkeen entirely was to be today - BUT Anthony had other plans! ;o) Other than this, I have secured a new place of employment as a full time telemarketer for a company called PCI. Don't worry - no get rich quick schemes - just credit card insurance. I needed more hours, and merchandising for News America just wasn't cutting it. In any event, there's the update for today!

3:47AM 9/4/03 - Quite a bit has happened since September 1st, but to summarize here goes. My daughter attended her first day of Kindergarten - a day I think I was more nervous about than she was. Things went well and she had a blast - she loves school. Despite that good development, everything else seems to be a bit rotten. Although Angie is home from the hospital now she can barely get around due to a VERY painful incision given to her by a slightly overzealous doctor at Meritcare. (Small baby - HUGE epesiotomy.) While she is home, my son Anthony is still at the hospital. Some sort of bacterial infection came over him while we were still there at the hospital, requiring him to stay at the NICU for a bare minimum of 10 days. We're very worried about him, and the fact that we're here and he's all alone there drives us nuts. THAT in and of itself is why I'm up at almost 4 AM working on my RIFTS page ... something to keep my mind off of this fact. Anyway, my updates to the page. I have finally finished the S-Mart Battlefield Enema Light Tank, and posted it. Meanwhile I discovered I had completely edited the S-Mart Armored Vehicles page in my backup files but never got that posted - so I went on ahead and added that along with the new Battlefield Enema link. Although my scanner isn't up and running I spent a couple of hours coming up with a line drawing of the Battlefield Enema on my paint program. It gives a person an idea of what she looks like, and a good size comparison as well. It's drawn to scale, and has a 6' tall human silhouette next to it. When my scanner is back up and running I am probably going to scan the image in the Cyberpunk 2020 Maximum Metals book of the US M-75 to replace the drawing. Anyway, that's the only update I've done. I may be working more on these pages this weekend, since Angie's not sure if she'll be in the mood to game, and I'll want to try to drown my mind in something to keep my mind off of stuff.

2:04AM 9/6/03 - Anthony is still in the NICU at the hostpital, but the mystery bacteria infection appears to be falling to the aggressive use of antibiotics. As it turns out what he contracted is haemophilus influenzae - also known as the leading cause of meningitis in children under 5 years of age. Thus far his spinal tap has remained clear of any sign of the bacteria though. His blood culture taken the day before yesterday has as of this point showed itself to be clear. We find out later this morning if his blood is completely clear of the bacteria. If it turns out to be clear we have to wait a further TEN DAYs until we can bring him home ... which sees him "setting foot" on home soil for the first time literally on his due date. Wish us luck in any event. IN the meantime to try to pass the time I have been continuing my latest barrage on S-Mart's armored vehicles. Today I edited several of the armored vehicles removing some glaring spelling errors, tweeking story line here and there, and removed the erronious classification numbers I used initially for S-Mart and changed them to the Suchnsuch-A and Suchnsuch-B format I've settled upon. I also worked hard and long on the S-Mart Commando-A & B variants, and have introduced them to the internet for the first time - complete with a detailed three view drawing of each of the two variants. Along with the intro of the Commando, I removed the listing for the S-Mart Orion, as that was the name initially slotted for the Commando-B. To simplify matters I just used my new classification system as it's official ID. It makes it a bit more unique this way... I also added the S-Mart Mustang to the "Soon to Come" list.

2:18AM 9/8/03 - Break out the good china Mama, cuz Anthony's comin' home! Sorry ... had to go southern there. Anthony's last blood culture came back negative which means we are counting down the days until he comes home. Looks like about the 14th or so. We're very happy! As for the web site updates, I found a page where I accidentally left the chat & bladesmith armorers buttons and fixed it. Then I cleaned out some of my old files ending up with fully half of my 20 MB total space yet to use. That's GREAT for future creations, because I have tons of new ideas. I have to be frank with you folks - I'm getting kinda tired of just converting stuff from other RPGs. I HAVE created things of my own, such as the Masakari - but you haven't seen the half of the stuff I've made up in terms of vehicle and weapon designs. My plan is to eventually complete Wa-Daisho and Desert Star up to the February 8th, 118PA mark. Once that is completed I plan to give updates up to the 125PA mark that marks a LOT of changes with both game places, including the picking up of momentum in the industrial power in Wa-Daisho, Republican Industries, a complete and very mysterious regime change in one of the two nations, and the start of the Vampire Wars. Like most of Palladium's writers I'm getting WAY ahead of myself, but believe me ... this stuff ROCKS! Anyway, that's enough for now... hopefully the site looks a bit better without dead links floating around the main page...

3:35PM 9/9/03 - I am working on an update of the S-Mart Interceptor-B power armor unit, including a new, modified, Interceptor-A image, and a drawing of the RFFC-17 compared to the WD-RFFC20. It's not posted yet, BUT I wanted to let you know that I am continuing with the updates. Also, as of today, SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery is SEVEN years old! That doesn't sound like much - but in terms of the web and the average lifespan of RPG sites on the web - that's ancient! ;o) Thank you all for all the nice feedback I've received over these years, and tip a soda back in honor of the Gallery in the hopes for another wonderful seven years.

5:05AM 9/10/03 - The Kamiken update is complete, including an image displayed of the power armor suit itself - modified from the original Interceptor image. I also included an image showing the RFFC-17 for those produced by S-Mart for commercial distribution and a WD-RFFC20, an RFFC type never seen before anywhere on the web before now. Don't expect too much - it's a direct development of the RFFC-17.

3:47AM 9/11/03 - THE anniversary. Two years ago today too many people died to the senseless aggressions of a mad man. As where Texans say "Remember the Alamo!" in their battle cries. I think ALL Americans should say "Remember 9/11" and back our uniformed men and women. They are fighting and dieing in exotic places for your' freedoms - and for the freedom of the average joe over there. ANYWAY - Rant OFF. Today I edited the S-Mart Interceptor-B/Kamiken a little more, fixing a couple of errors. Then I also got rid of the old coding system on the S-Mart Stonewall, and did a major overhaul on both the S-Mart Stinger, now called the Stinger-A, and the Stinger II/Stingray, now called the Stinger-B/Stingray. I also got rid of the old coding system on the S-Mart Power Armor page as well. Lots of changes... minor ones, but changes none the less. As for my Wa-Daisho cultural page. LOTS of work has been put into that. I'm planning to include sections on clothing, customs, foods, and similar to accompany the holidays, music, and media sections I've already completed. This stuff is GREAT to work out, because you get to study the defining traits of the different groups that are involved with Wa-Daisho such as the North Western Native American tribes, Japanese culture, as well as some guesswork as far as what influences came from the central regions of North America - where most of the people there are from. Strong influences from the central regions, but with inspiration/cultural leeching from the tribes there AND the Japanese influences from their ally Kyatashiro! Some info on art will also be provided - but mostly as it applies to clothing.

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