Arcade & Casino Lounge

Owner: The owner of this establishment calls himself Sir Thartas. He looks completely human, but has appeared to be far more than that, any time trouble has arisen in his establishment, displaying both unnatural toughness, and strength. Despite these bizarre events, he has proven many times to have a very kind heart. When asked about his past, he will describe himself as something called a "Knight Hospitaler" from a very alien world he calls Wormwood. (See RIFTS Dimension Book 1: Wormwood for details.) He came to Earth seeking a famous Apok named Logan Nothwatch. When he failed to locate him, he decided to settle down on Earth.
Reputation: The reputation of this establishment widely varies according to whom you ask. Most people love the Arcade & Casino Lounge. It is a friendly environment that is quite safe. The Arcade portion is kept separate from the Casino section, even separate entrances are provided. Adolescents and children in the Arcade are watched, kept in line, and protected. That is a bonus according to most parents whose children frequent the establishment. The only people who may dislike the Arcade & Casino Lounge are the gamblers, who are required to submit a cover charge of 50 credits before they are permitted to gamble. This is returned to the individual upon their departure - so they do not go home penniless. That was one of Sir Thartas's personal additions to the rules of the Casino.
Description of Establishment: This establishment is a white painted 80'x80' two story section of Level 2, with a bank of windows on both the bottom and upper floor across the entire face. Between the two rows of windows, are large neon blue and neon red letters that read the name of the establishment. On the bottom floor there are two entrances. One is a hall that leads directly to a stairway to the second level - the casino portion of the shop. The other is a straight shot to the main desk where tokens for the arcade may be purchased. On the bottom floor is an assortment of all sorts of video games, both of the console type, and VR type. Each game only takes a half credit token to play. To the far right hand side of the arcade is also a sectioned off concessions stand where soda pop, juice, and various snack foods may be purchased. Drinks are NOT permitted into the game room. The stairs lead right up to a main desk. A cover charge of 50 credits, as mentioned above is made there, plus any amount of money the interested party wants to spend, must be set forth then and there. The gambler is then given an Arcade & Casino Lounge game card, with that much money on it. Sort of like a debit card. There are twelve poker tables, 45 slot machines, a quartet of craps tables, a pair of roulette tables, and a sectioned off portion in the back for Keno and Bingo. Along the right hand side of the casino is a bar/diner. All of the tables/machines mentioned above must have the gambler's card slotted before the game can begin. That way all bets are recorded, and money added or deleted the moment it is so in the game. Rest rooms are in the far right hand, back corners of both floors.
Description of Services: This dual business provides a good atmosphere for people to come and play games that they enjoy, from arcade games, to casino/gambling games. Four men are always on security on the bottom floor, while six are stationed on the upper floor. Meanwhile, the concessions stand on the lower floor, and the bar/diner on the upper floor cater to the appetites and thirst of the patrons.

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