Akonian R.C.C.

by Edward May

      Akonians are an ancient race of humanoids with human like features, but with charcoal black skin, slightly oversized almond shaped cobalt blue eyes, and no body hair, from a world called Armistice. Armistice is a magic rich, earth like planet in another dimension, that rotates around a star at the exact same rate and latitude as it's closest neighboring planet called Ephintro. This results in the planet being shrouded in darkness over a large percentage of it's territory, a near constant eclipse. Only as the planet rotates do the people find themselves in light for about 10 minutes of each 30 hour day, once in the morning for 5 minutes, and once in the evening for 5 minutes. It is in these conditions that the super human Akonians evolved.

      For to fully understand the Akonian people, you have to look at their history. Their civilization was born 30,000 years before human kind became organized on Earth, enough to understand what being civilized was all about. Through this time, their technology was predominantly magic, with a few occasional true technologies being developed, such as metalurgy, steam engines, and so on. They are long lived, and are not as preoccupied with reproducing as humans are, and so never have overpopulated their world. They lived peacefully, crime was very nearly unheard of as every one of them is a psychic sensitive, and violence was almost never considered by the peaceful inhabitants of this world. All of that changed 10,000 years after their civilization was born. The planet Ephintro is on an unusual orbit, that once every 200,000 years, it's orbit is passed within a few thousand miles of Armistice. There was a certain measure of dread that came with the astronomer's predictions, and several people reported seeing visions of walking restmares (can they really call them nightmares??) causing death and chaos, related to Ephintro - nothing could explain these visions, so they were seen as mere hysterics. Oddly enough, several hundred stars appeared on the surface of the far planet, and grew closer. Ephintro in the last 200,000 years had become home to a rare breed of interstellar insect, (Called Challopeaque (Chal-loh-pea-yak) by those in the Three Galaxies), that went from one planet to another, ravaging it's natural resources and such, before moving on to the next planet - usually meaning they devour everything that can possibly be eaten. Propelled by a special form of psychic flight, they travel from planet to planet - the close proximity of Armistice was too inviting for several hundred to turn away, so they took flight, and arrived on Armistice. Once the creatures landed, they made their nature very apparent by devouring the inhabitants of several dozen towns in one night.

      Naturally, the people were absolutely terrified - the screams of those being devoured alive would haunt the survivors of the carnage for years. The people knew they had to fight back, but they lacked the know how, and the weapons - and Magic was relatively useless against these creatures as well! The temple of Tykesi rose to the occasion. They prayed to their god, (An all father sort of diety that represents everything, much in the same way the Christian 'God' would.) for several weeks straight, their priests would fast, several of which died of exhaustion and/or dehydration. For the first time in their history, their god interviened and gifted 1,000 of his followers with the gift of knowledge - a fighting art. With that in hand, they formed the organization called, "The Peacebringers of Tykesi", and began fighting back. (Details on this O.C.C. can be found in the Peacebringer O.C.C. page.) It took almost a year to imprison or kill all of the beasts that had come to their world, but not before approximately 7 million of the 100 million or so inhabitants of their world were killed by the invaders, and in the end nearly half of the Peacebringers were slain.

      This was a great victory for their people, and the Peacebringers were heralded as heroes, and mentors - and in the event the threat would come about again, the Peacebringers were there to stop the carnage from the beginning. The Peacebringers served in the role of an elite police force, and took up students much in the same way a knight would train a squire. The families and decendants of the original Peacebringers became nobles, and important individuals, typically known by the title of Lord - or if they too were Peacebringers, it would be Peacebringer, Lord So and So. As time wore on, the Akonians learned to traverse the megaverse via powerful magics, and learned many things. They learned of the great evils in other lands, but also learned of the vast wealth of knowledge that could be gained from these travels - thus they permitted adventurous Akonians and Peacebringers alike to leave their world in search of knowledge. Thousands of Akonians, both Peacebringers and otherwise, have left Armistice for such purposes. Generally they are a kind people, and are willing to help whenever possible.

Akonian R.C.C.
Alignment: Any Good or Selfish - less than 0.01% are ever evil, and even those are Aberrant, and show amazing compassion for life, and will spare those who flatter or beg them.
Attributes: I.Q.: 3D6+2, M.E.: 2D6+10, M.A.: 3D6, P.S.: 3D6, P.P.: 3D6+2, P.E.: 4D6, P.B.: 3D6, Spd.: 2D6+6. P.S. & P.E. are considered supernatural.
M.D.C.: 2D6x10 M.D. (+1D6 per level.)
P.P.E.: 2D4x10+P.E. (If a magic user, this is in addition to a magic O.C.C.'s P.P.E.)
I.S.P.: 4D6+M.E. (+10 per level)
Size: 4' to 6' tall. (Rarely above 5'8".)
Weight: 100 Lbs to 175 Lbs.
Average Life Span: 800 years!! Occasionally, they may live as long as 1,000 years.
Natural Abilities: Nightvision: 600', Hearing is 20% better than a humans, and Bio-Regeneration of 2D6+2 M.D.C. a minute.
Horror Factor: None.
Psionics: All Akonians are Psychic sensitives, with 9 abilities selected from the sensitive range of abilities, and 2 abilities from the Super category. They are considered Major Psychics.
R.C.C. Bonuses: +1 to Initiative from their incredible hearing.
R.C.C. Combat Attacks: Standard; 2 + Attacks attained from Hand to Hand Skills, and/or Boxing.
Average Level of N.P.C. Experience: 1D4+2.
Magic: None at first; At levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and so on the character may select one spell of below or equivalent level of experience up to level 6, (ie. Even if the character is level 14, they may only select up to a level 6 spell.) this represents the character figuring out spells on his or her own. They typically are spells that would be useful in day to day living, but not necessarily restricted to that line of thought. As a Magic using O.C.C., they select these spell as normal in addition to the normal spells attained via that O.C.C..
Vulnerabilities: None; Save for the urge to help others around them in need, or their excessive compassion.
Skills: As per the O.C.C. Selected.
Allies: They tend to get along well with any other peaceful peoples.
Enemies: None per se, except perhaps the Coalition States, and Slavers. They are however leery of any insect-like being they encounter, because of the resembalances to the 'Invaders' as their people call the Challopeaque. If they learned of the Xiticix Invasion on Earth, bringers and adventurous Akonians alike would rush to help with the battle against the vile insects.
Value: Splugorth slavers would love to add a handful of these creatures to their list of slaves, as they are supernatural, but 'peaceful' which roughly translates over to a Splugorth mentality as being 'Easily Domesticated'.
Habitat: They are originally from Armistice as described above, but adventurers may be found periodically anywhere. No communities have been established off of Armistice yet, but they are considering establishing a Temple of Tekesi on Earth, to help rid it of demons and monsters from other worlds.

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