Singapore Ind. Special Missile Types

By Tony May

Wild Weasel

      A series of missiles created for the express purpose of taking out an enemy's anti-aircraft defenses. They target onto an enemy radar frequency & ride the beam down to the source & obliterate it. Missiles can be fired individually or as part of a burst & can either be manually fired by the pilot or as an automatic response by the aircrafts computer as soon as it detects a hostile radar targeting emission. A team of 2-4 Wild Weasel aircraft can wreak havoc on an enemy's air defense systems & can create a great deal of protection for each other.

    Short Range High Explosive Wild Weasel: 3 mile range - 1D4x10 M.D.
    Medium Range High Explosive Wild Weasel: 35 mile range - 2D4x10 M.D.
    Long Range High Explosive Wild Weasel: 420 mile range - 3D4x10 M.D.

ECM "Invisible" Missiles

      A series of missiles built with a miniature, wind powered ECM generator build into the leading edges of the fins. Once the parent aircraft achieves a missile lock on the target, one or more missiles can be fired & within a few feet of the launch vehicle, when the missile speed exceeds 200 mph, the missile(s) begin generating ECM emissions & radar images (friendly & enemy) become scrambled so the target has no generalized information about the impending attack just that radar signals are now scrambled.

*Virtually all variants of Short, Medium, and Long Range Missiles are produced with these features. Refer to page 46 of the Main RIFTS book for ranges and damages.

Decoy Missiles

      Medium or Long Range Missiles that can be specifically 'tuned' to emit the exhaust signature of individual vehicles & aircraft. They will fly towards on-coming missiles, placing themselves between the launch vehicle & the threatening missiles & will attempt to divert the attackers (01-80% chance of decoying entire attack - if failure roll percentile to determine percentage decoyed.) & at the very last second destroy itself & attackers in a fireball.

    Medium Range Decoy: 10 mile range - 1D6x10 M.D.
    Long Range Decoy: 100 mile range - 2D4x10 M.D.

Anti-Radio Missiles

      These missiles operate on the same principles as the Wild Weasels. They are missiles that can be programmed to home in on the closest source that may be broadcasting on a specific frequency.

*Same ranges and damages as listed above under the Wild Weasel Anti-Radar Missiles.

Advanced Thermal Guided Missiles

      Missiles of a wide variety that can be locked onto a SPECIFIC thermal signature, whether vehicle, creature, or personnel & the missile will track it & attempt to destroy the target whenever found.

*Same ranges and damages as listed above under the Wild Weasel Anti-Radar Missiles.

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