Singapore Ind. Special Munitions Types

By Tony May

Advanced Armor Piercing Rounds

      This new round uses depleted uranium slugs in a sabboted round with a special screw on muzzle accellerator device. Rounds are actually 1/4 the size of a normal projectile, but traveling at ultra-high speeds often nearly rivaling that of a rail gun. They are not often made in any size but that of artillery or tank rounds.

    Damage: Take normal damage of A.P. shell, and double it! If armor is breached, the shell will ricochet around in the vicinity of entrance & inflicts remainder of damage to the interior contents. Shell is simply a solid - does not explode, but can ignite munitions and flammables.

Shaped Charge Armor Piercing Rounds

      Scientifically advanced anti-armor rounds that have a new cupped appearance - made in sizes from machinegun & autocannon size up to artillery & tank sized. The projectile travels at roughly 1/2 of the normal speed, & range is halved, but damage is tripled - explosive force is funneled directly in a small area.

    Damage: Take the normal damage of a H.E.A.T. (Or A.P. if of a lower caliber) shell, and triple it! If the armor is breached, the shell spews white hot liquid metal into the interior & inflicts remainder of damage to the interior contents - the heat alone usually is sufficient to 'cook off' any munitions or ordinance inside.

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