S-Mart International

      The third and final entry into the S-Mart series of big rigs, is the International. It is a specially designed armored rig, meant to be able to survive the harsh conditions of traveling through the wilderness and long distances between kingdoms. Though it is expensive, this vehicle is worth any ten conventional rigs sold by other companies.

      Unlike the Kenworth and Mack, which carry a variety of different trailers, the International comes automatically with it's own specially designed 40' armored trailer, with modular attachments which can be added to the basic armored trailer for refrigeration, thousand gallon tanker attachments, and so forth. This design allows the International to carry virtually any load across average wilderness with relatively good chances of making it to a distant kingdom in one piece.

      These features have made the International a very highly sought after vehicle, because nearly any business that has any foreign interests needs at some point or another to ship their wares across the hard and dangerous wilderness. This has made it a valuable commodity among mercenaries, courier companies, and industrial manufacturing firms everywhere. Some enterprising adventurers have even gone so far as to outfit the 40' trailer with a full interior, using it basically as an oversized camper or mobile home. Other uses have had this trailer outfitted with an assortment of weapons, and used as a defense for caravans of travelers or merchants. The N.O.M.A.D. Military regularly use Internationals to haul equipment around through the rural reaches of the Kingdom.

Model Type: International-A.
Class: Heavy Civilian Transport.
Crew: 1; Can accommodate 1 other passenger comfortably. Theoretically the trailer could be fitted with bench seats and used as a bus, accomodating in the neighborhood of 60 passengers.
M.D.C. by Location:
    *Wheels (18) - 50 each.
    *Windshields (2) - 25 each.
    *Side Windows (2) - 10 each.
    *Headlights (2) - 5 each.
    *Exhaust Stacks (2) - 25 each.
    Bumper - 100.
    Cab Doors (2) - 75 each.
    **Main Body (Tractor) - 220.
    Trailer Side Doors (2) - 100 each.
    Trailer Rear Doors (2) - 120 each.
    **Main Body (Trailer) - 350.

* Each of these targets are very difficult to hit due to heavy armor plates shielding them, therefore each target may only be struck with a penalty of -5 to strike.
** Depleting the main body M.D.C. will completely destroy the vehicle.

Maximum Speed: 100 mph.
Maximum Range: 960 miles; About 70% of these vehicles are electric.

Statistical Data:
Height: 17'.
Width: 10'.
Length: 20' (+35' for the 40' trailer.)
Weight: 6.7 tons.
Cargo: Can pull up to a whopping 39 tons of cargo.
Power System: Electric or Multi-Fuel Only.
Market Cost: 250,000 credits. A refrigeration unit for the trailer costs an additional 5,000 credits. 1,000 gallon tanks cost an additional 10,000 credits each, of which the trailer can carry 6 at a time.

1. Systems of Note:
    1. Short Range Radio: Comes standard with a whip antennae and short range radio with a range of 20 miles.
    2. Twin Bunk Mini-Sleeper: This permits the driver, and up to one passenger to be able to rest comfortably in a real bed. Sleeping in a seat gets old VERY quickly, when on long distance trips.
    3. Inertial Navigation System: This computer system keeps track of where the rig goes, marking it on a computer generated map in the form of a red line, showing precisely how far the rig has traveled, and in what direction, showing the starting point, and the "YOU ARE HERE" point. Note that the nav systems of all the S-Mart Internationals are programmed with detailed maps of the CS States, Lazlo, New Lazlo, Northern Gun, The Manistique Imperium, Kingsdale, Houstown, El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, Desert Star, Wa-Daisho, Silvereno and most of the Colorado Baronies, and most of the travel routes in between. Disks with additional maps may be purchased at a cost of 20 credits per city/region.
    4. Mini-Freezer: A small freezer the size of a small foot locker is carried for containment of food, drinks, etc.
    5. Microwave: A small microwave just big enough for a dinner plate, and about six inches tall is carried to cook or warm food.
    6. Voice Actuated Locks: The International comes standard with voice recognition locks, with a keypad for over ride codes.

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