S-Mart Dagda Sedan

      The Dagda is a sporty looking family sized sedan, built for economy and practicality over speed and protection. Despite this the Dagda is capable of moving at 120 mph and provides at least moderate mega-damage protection over most of the vehicle, and comes standard with solid wheels. Production of this model began in 113PA as one of the first designs of civilian automobiles available from S-Mart. Produced with the option of Multi-Fuel or Electric propulsion, the engine is invariably mounted in the back of the Dagda, and the nose of the vehicle contains the trunk. Among the many variations that have appeared over the years with the Dagda are varied paint schemes, spoilers, armored windows, in 116PA there was a hatch back model, in 117PA a convertible model was produced, and a station wagon variant appeared in 118PA as well. Since the basic design and purpose has not changed significantly over the years, all are still identified as the Dagda-A model - but with the year added afterwards. Thus a station wagon produced in 117PA would be Dagda-A 117 model. (Pictured is the 114PA sedan model, with electric propulsion.)

Model Type: Dagda-A.
Class: Civilian Automobile.
Crew: 1; Can carry up to 4 passengers.
M.D.C./S.D.C. by Location:
    Wheels (4) - 2 each.
    Fiberglass Air Intake Covers (2) - 10 S.D.C. each.
    Windows (4) - 30 S.D.C. each.
    *Main Body - 25.

* Depleting the main body M.D.C. will completely destroy the vehicle.

Maximum Speed: 120 mph, with slight variations from year to year.
Maximum Range: 350 miles, with slight variations from year to year. About 60% of those produced are electric.

Statistical Data: Slight variations in length and weight occur, from year to year, due to added or deleted features.
Height: 5'.
Width: 6'6".
Length: 16'.
Weight: 1.2 tons.
Cargo: Can carry up to 1,000 Lbs without bogging down (This includes body weight!) losing 10 mph for each 50 Lbs over, down to a minimum speed of 40 mph, any weight over that will kill the engine.
Power System: Electric or Multi-Fuel Only.
Market Cost: 20,000 to 25,000 credits, depending on the model in question. Used models are regularly available on the market, oftentimes these will have a few dings here and there, and the range may be reduced by 10% or so due to engine wear, but they can be bought at a bargain price of 7,500-12,000 credits.

1. Systems of Note:
    1. Audio Disk Player: The disk player can play both standard CDs and the little 2 and a half inch disks, without risk of skipping even on the roughest of roads.
    2. (Optional) Short Range Radio: A whip antennae and short range radio with a range of 20 miles may be added for only 300 credits.

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