S-Mart Balder Recreational Vehicle

      One of the wonderful things about S-Mart, is their willingness to resurrect old ideas, and introduce them to new elements. This is just one of the many examples of S-Mart's adventurous productive record - the first, and only known armored RV on the open market in North America. Upon the Balder's appearance on the market orders came flooding in from all directions. Civilians, governments, and mercenaries from all over were ordering the Balder, and not necessarily just one at a time. Entire mercenary companies wanted these rough and tumble RVs to house their troops on the road. Governments wanted them to house officers on field assignments. Civilians wanted them for cheap mobile housing, travel, and as mobile offices to use at work sights. All in all, the Balder in it's short existence has made waves, and opened up the eyes of manufacturers all over North America to the para-military market, for vehicles useful to both civil and military applications alike.

Model Type: Balder-A (RV version) and Balder-B (Medium transport version).
Class: Armored Recreational Vehicle or Medium Transport Vehicle.
Crew: 1; Can accommodate up to 4 passengers comfortably, but if modified for a barracks style layout, with multi layer bunks, up to 12 troops could be housed.
M.D.C. by Location:
    Wheels (6) - 25 each.
    Windshield/Canopy - 75.
    *Main Body - 210.

* Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body indicates that the vehicle's body is in tatters and is effectively destroyed.

Maximum Speed: 135 mph.
Maximum Range: 750 miles.

Statistical Data:
Height: 12'.
Width: 11'.
Length: 40'.
Weight: 5 tons.
Cargo: The Balder RV can carry approximately 6,000 Lb. of cargo, but the transport version with the rectangular box, and side loading doors, can carry up to 8,500 Lb. of cargo.
Power System: Electric Only.
Market Cost: 175,000 credits for the RV version. 150,000 credits for the transport version.

1. Systems Note:
    1. Disk Player: The RV version carries a disk player that can play both standard CDs and the little 2 and a half inch disks, without risk of skipping even on the roughest of roads.
    2. 150 gallon water tank: The RV version carries a 150 gallon water tank for drinking and showering.
    3. Microwave Oven: The RV version carries a small microwave oven just big enough for a dinner plate, and about 12" high is carried for heating food.
    4. Conventional Electric Oven: The RV version carries a conventional oven as well to cook food.
    5. Bunk Beds: The RV version carries two sets of bunk beds to accommodate up to four people. A couch serves as the bedding for the fifth person/driver.
    6. Working Bathroom: The RV carries this self explanatory device. This is very similar to the airlines bathrooms, basically a high tech outhouse.

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